We all know broccoli is one of the healthiest veggies out there, but how many of you ate broccoli the last 7 days? First of all it is very hard to find this veg on the menu of many eateries and when it appears, most of the time it is obliterated with excessively high heat and genetically modified fats, which render it almost useless from a nutritional standpoint.


The best way to consume broccoli is to juice it. Of course together with some sweeter produce like carrots and a mango. Juicing helps us to get as many nutrients per serving as opposed to eating while vegetables. Juicing also makes it much more easier for us to absorb nutrients compared to whole veg. I am not saying you replace eating vegetables with drinking the juices, just a balance.

The next best option is to eat them raw in a salad. Not many people like eating raw veg like me so this can be tricky.

Steaming broccoli also helps add some flavor and making it more palatable and enjoyable. I use a bamboo steamer for this, which is awesome.

Last but not least is sauteing them. This is a simple method of cooking that uses medium heat and the best way to get some flavor on the greens without too much killing of nutrients. First you heat a pan, add a little extra virgin coconut oil, then some onions. Cook them until translucent and then add the broccoli florets and toss a few times adding a pinch of natural salt and organic cayenne pepper, cook for 2 minutes and then rest 1 minute and there you have super delicious broccoli in minutes.

How do you like your broccoli? please share in the comments section below