Honey-Cinnamon combination is perhaps the oldest trick in the natural health book, it’s delicious and works, of course if you have organic stuff, not the heated and colored store-bought honey or the pesticide-laden irradiated cinnamon from the supermarket. You see drying spices in the sun can take time or worse yet the sun may not be there. Big corporations then irradiate (anything with radiation is not good) the cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or other spices to make them reach the shelf ASAP. On top of that, the commercial spices are often grown inorganically with herbicides, fungicides, it just genocide mtu wangu. This is why I STRONGLY RECOMMEND getting organic stuff either from the organic farmer’s market or Good Health Herbals.

Common Cold

Back to the deadly combination of honey and cinnamon, you can use this to treat and cure all kinds of ailments, arthritis, to common cold. In fact one of the best remedies when you have a cold/cough is honey and cinnamon. Back in the day, when I used to get colds nsh!t (yes, today I DO NOT catch colds, my immune system is very strong) I used to dip an apple slice in honey then coat with cinnamon and the cough would subside.

I do not even tense when I come into contact with people coughing all over, I arm my immune system with enough arsenal from organic sources; Spirulina, cayenne pepper, turmeric, avocados, broccoli, traditional veg (managu, terere) coconut oil, vegetable & fruit juices, quinoa, buckwheat, natural Himalayan salt, cocoa, stinging nettle, wheatgrass, lemon. I eat less gluten, exercise more, avoid negative stress like MPs salaries. Think about improving your salary, simple.

I also exercise everyday; jogging, brisk walking, yoga, meditation, dancing, aerobics which I believe contributes about 30% towards health. Stress is the major cause of disease but eating unhealthy is stressful in and of itself so I guess we have a ying yang thing going on.

Key To Perfect Immune System

  • I eat a lot of lentils, brown rice, root vegetables like yams, cassava, arrowroot. I also eat red meat a lot, mostly burgers (not to sound braggy but my burgers are so addictive) with white buns which have plenty sesame seeds that boost some nutrition. Point being you don’t have to eat 100% healthy, I do around 80%-90% healthy organic superfoods and can compromise on the rest but no soda at all.
  • Nuts (almonds, walnuts, brazil, pistachios) are nutrient dense and super healthy. Seeds like hemp, chia, nigella, sesame, pumpkin, are loaded with nutrients especially a good balance of omega 3,6 and 9 fats that are key for a healthy smarter brain.
  • I also avoid toxins like dish-washing chemicals or all-purpose cleaners. I use lemon juice from 1/2 of a small lemon with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda + hot water + natural salt as my all-purpose cleaner, which is also my shower gel as well as my toothpaste where I add some coconut oil. Being healthy is not easy but once you start and feel great, energetic and happy everyday, you will get to understand why we do this.
  • I am strongly against eating tablets (supplements), I am old skool, I eat food, preferably superfoods, and so far it works perfectly for me and my clientele  In fact many studies show that nutrients are better absorbed from food not supplements, so why eat vitamin E pills while you can get it from a tasty avocado?

You will sleep better and stress will cease to be your captor. You will be more attractive especially if you use coconut oil on skin as opposed to those cancerous toxins. Your hair will be stronger, darker, richer and you will need less chemicals or none to make it look better.

Your sex life will improve, now I have your attention right? haha seriously, eating healthy does improve all aspects of your reproductive system. For men, superfoods like spirulina and pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc and tryptophan that boosts libido and also help reverse erectile dysfunction, which is rampant even among young males, of course due to poor lifestyle choices of fast food and no exercise.

For women, your PMS will be in check, very little or no mood swings, no cramps no pains. That time of the month will cease to be dreadful. Some clients tell me that they do not feel anything at all whist rolling, due to superfoods, exercise and eschewing from fast food. 3 out of 4 women experience quit severe PMS, you can choose to be that 1, tafakari