Rosemary is one of the healthiest herbs I began to see my mother use day-to-day, for a very long time. I remember her treating my stomachache very fast using this herb alone. It was so amazing, aromatic, I knew this was something that I had to learn more about it and boy is there a lot you can do with this herb, or superherb, given the superiority in flavor and health benefits.

rosemary (1)Anti-Cancer Marinade

Marinating meat, or other stuff like mushrooms, helps very much in cancer prevention, it’s not just about the flavor or tenderizing meat. When heat is applied to food, carcinogens called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) form, this is that sear that we all love but do we want to eat carcinogenic compounds all the time?, nope. This is where a marinade with rosemary comes into play. Studies have proven that this herb reduces the highest number of HCAs on seared meat and including extra virgin coconut oil.

Skin Care

Sometimes last year I was cooking alone for a party of 25 people, the pressure was on and I cut myself while familiarizing with new equipment. Good thing I had some rosemary in the recipe and my intuition told me that the 24 antioxidants in this herb could help. I cleaned the wound with water and natural Himalayan salt and then wore a bandage with some chopped rosemary in it as well as the glove. Bleeding stopped immediately as well as the pain, eureka moment indeed. I carried on with the party and banged out the food in a timely tasty fashion.

My friend also had these pimples so I advised him to bathe in rosemary-infused water, just boil the water with rosemary and the pimples were gone after one bathe with it, works very fast.

This herb has of course many health benefits but I found these two are the most compelling for me, how about you, witnessed any miracles arising from use of this herb? please share below