A student (Yes I hold private healthy cooking lessons) of mine was telling me that after one week of exercising and drinking lemon water has helped her cope with an extremely busy life of juggling work and school. She has more energy throughout the day even though she wakes up at 4 am and sleeps at around 11. This is always the case with including superfoods like lemon and coupling that with moderately intense exercise like jogging, aerobics, dancing, brisk walking, some yoga types and so on.

There are more than enough studies on the health benefits of exercise one of them being energy boost. I know it sounds awkward but just try it yourself. What happens is that oxygen is increasingly brought down to the molecular level, clearing free radicals and toxins that mess your system causing fatigue, stress, depression, weight gain hello.

Another obvious proven theory is that your heart is exercised and is fit, pumping highly oxygenaated blood throughout your system, making you full of energy.

Fatigue, Stress, Depression

The normal daily life of the average Kenyan is tiring, stressful and most experts will tell you that stress causes 80-90% of disease and eventually death. Worry, despair, anxiety is not good, even if your diet is full of superfoods and what not. One of the easiest ways to relieve stress is exercise. Ask any gym-going exec, they will tell you that it is what keeps them sane. Recently the business daily covered how busy executives in corporate Kenya manage to keep fit and healthy which is a must read, especially if you are always saying that