Your skin is the largest organ in your body and you are better off without using toxic soaps, deodorant, antiperspirants, lotions..the list is endless. I know you don’t want to hear this but all these toxic materials are cancerous, hence the steep increase of cancer deaths in Kenya, 22, 000 last time I checked. Why? you ask; you see cancer treatment is big global business. Not cancer prevention or cancer cure, no, cancer treatment. Radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy all rake in billions of Kenya shillings for the big hospitals like Nairobi oncology, Aga Khan recently opened cancer and heart center, and many others. This is the real conspiracy, but as you know this blog is not just about exposing the problem but it is also about offering viable and proven solutions, like sunlight for skin care.

  1. Vitamin D

Sunlight is obviously the best source of vitamin D but sometimes there is not enough so you can supplement naturally by eating mushrooms, spirulina and hemp seeds as well as salmon, cod, mackerel, tilapia, No supplements because good quality ones are very expensive and God di not design us to eat pills but food. Vitamin D prevents and treats cancer by boosting immune function naturally as opposed to immunotherapy where they use high profit pharmaceuticals. This is why Nairobi oncology and cancer building is tinted, to prohibit you from getting natural vitamin D and getting better, they don’t want that, that is not profitable to them, tafakari


 2.   Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

That said, you should avoid sunscreen even if you are light-skinned, just use organic extra virgin coconut oil from uchumi, tuskys, healthy U which is actually one of the best skin and hair care product from mother nature. It is versatile, you can use it in baking, salads, frying, grilling, stuffing and it just makes the food taste much better. It is my favorite cooking oil also because it best controls the formation of carcinogens while using high heat, which is a chef’s best friend.

3.   Lemon + Baking Soda + Himalayan Salt

This is my homemade liquid soap that works amazingly on my skin giving me 84 minerals from the salt, anticancerous compounds (lemonoids) from the lemon and alkalizing qualities from the bicarbonate of soda. It is a beautiful thing, You don’t need any toxic soaps on your skin, since everything gets directly absorbed into your bloodstream, especially when exposed to heat, your skin ores open up, sucking up whatever you are using, I’d rather go natural.

4. Healthy Diet

You have to fix your skin from within, with a diet rich in superfoods like spirulina, avocado, quinoa, beries, green vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and a little meat, fish, chicken is not bad but moderation is key. It is vital to also consume herbal teas and concoctions like stinging nettle, moringa, cayenne pepper, turmeric, which all fix the skin in the long term.

5.  Exercise
Exercise also helps remove toxins from your skin and its is also gives you energy throughout the day. Make sure you sweat it out at least 4 times a week but preferably everyday because exercise increases your dopamine levels, your feel good hormones, who does not want to feel good everyday?