just bought this at healthy U (Galleria mall) and I would like to strongly recommend this  to you chocolate lovers, who would want to taste REAL organic chocolate with 72% cocoa mass (supermarket chocolate has below 20% cacao), this bitter-sweet treat takes you to a heavenly divine haven as the more than 300 compounds in organic raw cocoa bombard you with pure niceness.IMG_0208

It is sweetened with cane sugar unlike the supermarket product so diabetics can also indulge, hey, dark chocolate has also been scientifically proven to help regulate blood sugar. In fact, dark chocolate is also used to treat depression as it makes you feel-good by activating your dopamine hormones. Remember, to get these health benefits it is better to get at least 70% dark chocolate, anything less is uncivilized :-).

To make it taste better, they candied some orange peel which also brings plenty of nutrition to the table. The only slight issue I may have is the glucose syrup which is ok, since it is around 2% of the product, so we good. Citric acid may seem synthetic but hey, it is in almost negligible amounts which is OK, as long as it passed the organic test we good.

I also think it is the best priced organic dark chocolate at Healthy U, KES 302 for 50g << a good bargain for a superior healthy product.