Kienyeji chicken cost almost double, your typical genetically modified counterpart. This reason will make many people buy the GMO chicken, it does cook faster and does not get tough on you, like the naturally-rasied bird. No, of course they genetically engineered the broiler chicken into being soft and thick, for business reasons.

The broiler gets no sunshine at all, just some poor lights in a crowded indoor area with very little fresh air. On top of that, it is feeding on GMO grains like soy, corn and they must be fed antibiotics to make sure infections do not spread everyday, due to the weak immune system of the ‘factory farmed’

Oven-braised ginger-soy-honey chicken with brown rice, coleslaw and garlic-pepper sauce
Oven-braised ginger-soy-honey chicken with brown rice, coleslaw and garlic-pepper sauce

GMO v Natural

Growing up in Doonholm, a couple of neighbors did raise these GMO chicken but they never lasted. Many of the times, the whole population used to die abruptly. A few days ago, I met a high school friend who was doing the same. Now he was buying glucose and to add to the water to feed the GMO chickens, because of feed being expensive.

Now the kienyeji chicken is always raised in the open air. It eats grass, insects, you know, normal chicken food, not glucose. The birds get sunlight which boost their immunity so there is no need for antibiotics, which are suspected to cause a myriad of diseases like cancer and diabetes.

More Omega 3 Fats

Pasture-fed animals have more ‘heart healthy’ omega 3 fats than the grain-fed GMOs who in turn have excess amounts of omega 6 that are reported to increase inflammation.

Brine it up

Kienyeji chicken taste much better, when cooked well, is tender and juicy. I prefer to brine when I intend to grill, roast or braise it. A brine is a simple solution of water and salt. I use natural Himalayan salt of course, with some honey, paprika and cayenne pepper flakes for flavor. Then Immerse the whole piece of chicken in the brine and refrigerate for at least 90 minutes. Then now you can grill it or fry with your aromatics like garlic, onion, dania, I prefer to braise it, slowly in the oven, yum