Drinking soda one of the worst things you can do to yourself. First of all, this poison does not bear any nutritional qualities whatsoever. It is just a cocktail of synthetic chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Further, soda is loaded with empty calories that do nothing but make you add weight, hence the belly fat among many Kenyans who consume this crap on a regular basis.

High fructose corn syrup has also proven to reduce intelligence significantly, which scientists are indeed reporting that mankind is not getting any smarter but dumber as a society.

OH have you ever wondered why diabetes is growing fast in our country, even among very young people…soda, as well as other crappy foods and lack of exercise but I think soda is the main contributor due to the way it spike blood sugar levels.

In short, soda messes up your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to disease. Everyone I know who drinks soda regularly is always sick and tired regularly. People who drink soda often are overweight and have high blood pressure issues, it’s a no-brainer. Most of the clients I deal with who have diabetes and high blood pressure always have a relationship with soda. Many diabetics are duped into believing that diet soda or coke zero is healthier but as a matter of fact, they are worse because they will contain more artificial sweeteners.

How To break The Soda Addiction

I know soda is addictive, but it is possible to quit it. The easiest and most effective is going cold turkey. Just stop buying the soda. First it will be hard but in a while you will get over the withdrawals and even forget about coca cola.

To substitute for your sugar cravings, buy real fruits and juice it at home, or buy from a juice bar. I know what you are thinking, juicers are expensive and bla…not really, with KES 5 000 you can get a nice juicer that will help you be healthier in the short and long term, as opposed to soda.

Buying packet juices should be your last resort because those juices are controversial, cyou don’t know whether it is real juice or concentrate or whatever, but it is way much better to buy a pick and peel apple juice as opposed to soda, any day.

Drinking water also helps break away from any addiction. Many people don’t drink enough water and when they are thirsty, they go for a funny drink like afia or sijui nini, NKT