People often think that avoiding from meat is healthy. Well there is some truth in that but not necessarily so. Thing is, there is a very bad misconception about saturated fat and cardiovascular diseases. First things first, not all meat is the same. Most animals we consume generally eat pasture but this is changing. modernized cattle are being fed with genetically modified grains, and that is where the problem starts. When cows for instance, eat GMOs, they obviously will experience health issues, and since we are what we eat, humans also inherit the diseases.

You can get good grass-fed meats at farmer’s markets, and up market butchers who know the good stuff is grass-fed. Talk to your butcher, ask him where the cattle are raised, what they eat, a good butcher knows his stuff. Buy your eggs from organic farmer’s market and avoid GMO eggs which cause nothing but disease. Kienyeji chicken is easy to get as well as Tilapia/fish from lake Victoria and beyond.

Grass-fed Lamb Flank
Grass-fed Lamb Flank

Secondly is finding a good meat alternative for nutrition and taste. Most people will jump to beans and other legumes but my research has told me that they are not the healthiest sources of protein since you have to soak the for hours to partly remove antinutrients/toxins and at the same time you drain all the flavor away. Then there is the issue of raised by the paleo diet, of us not genetically designed to digest legumes. Man today is almost still the same as the homo sapien that adapted to hunting and gathering lifestyles, mostly meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Going Paleo

The paleo diet makes perfect sense for me since most superfoods evolve around their accepted foods like salmon (extraordinary source of vitamin D, omega 3, minerals). Cacao, Quinoa, broccoli, almonds, hemp seeds all form part of the paleo diet and are also very rich in easily digestible protein unlike that in beans. In fact hemp seeds and spirulina are amazing sources of protein which I consume on my meatless days everyday, as it is not sustainable to eat meat everyday, economically and environmentally.

Science has proven the paleo diet to work very efficiently in weight loss, heart problems, diabetes and such and that is why it’s popularity is slowly increasing.