People often ask me, what they can do to be healthier. I always tell them that you can’t just do something and all over sudden your belly fat disappears, to get my abs in shape, it took me like 1 year of intense health revolution. The first thing I did was increase my exercise, started running 4 times a week, like 4 years ago and til this day, I have been very consistent, averaging 5 runs a week. You may want to involve yourself in moderate intensive exercise like jogging, cycling, dancing, yoga, aerobics but my personal fav is jogging or walking during the sunrise. very therapeutic, can’t get that in a gym.

Next thing I did is remove all the commercial crappy foods and started cooking healthy slow nutritious food. Healthy food does taste great, I would never fake it, yes some superfoods like spirulina, spinach juice and nettle are a bit awkward but adding lemon juice makes them very palatable.

When I am thirsty and need a sugar high, I juice a pineapple or even carrots, never coke, unless I have no option like when I am invited to someones place or something. Worst case, I buy yatta grape juice or pick and peel, but very very occasionally.

I Decreased My grain intake and increased my meat intake

About vegetarianism, I am far from one. My research and experiments on myself have led me to consume more meat and less grains. People actually think that grains like maize and beans are healthy but science has shown that too much grains is actually a cause of major nutritional imbalances and deficiencies.

I follow a paleo diet, more or less, which simple entails eating what our ancestors were eating back in the day of hunting and gathering; many vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, meat, fish, eggs. The trick is to get organic stuff, kienyeji chicken, grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish and I can honestly say that I am very much healthier than when I used to eat beans/grains alot.

I Invested in a Juicer and Blender

If you’d like to be healthier I would advise to buy a juicer and juice at least 3-4 times a week. Mostly vegetables with a fruit like lemon, orange, carrots to balance the taste. Also consume more superfoods like spirulina, nettle, moringa, cayenne, Himalayan salt, quinoa, wild mushrooms, raw cocoa, flax seeds, hemp seeds and stuff, emitting meat abruptly can also lead to nutritional deficiency, for instance there are not many sources of vitamin B 12 in the plant kingdom but it is abundant in animal food.

Another thing is to avoid toxins; the city council tap water is laden with fluorides and chlorine which becomes worse when boiled. In fact this is the worst thing you can do to compromise your health, worse than smoking tobacco. Processed foods are mostly GMOs, and toxic chemical additives GMO = bad health. This means bread, soda, bites, all that crap, if it does not come from a farm, it is most likely not good for you.

I Threw Away My Deodorants, Toothpaste and soap

Cosmetics is also a major concern since people blast themselves with lotion, make up, deo, cologne, aftershave<< all toxic. I make my own toothpaste with coconut oil, baking soda, Himalayan salt and lemon juice<< my teeth have never been whiter, it’s amazing. OH this concoction is also good soap, less the coconut oil because it can solidify and block your drain, which you can easily unblock by sprinkling some baking soda in there.

Household cleaners is also another cause of disease with very carcinogenic compounds. again, I use baking soda + lemon juice + hot water to make an all-purpose cleaner. You may also add some peroxide for a bigger punch.

Last but most important is to avoid stress. This might be hard but when you exercise and eat healthy, stress will be much easier to manage.

Being healthy is a journey, and cannot be achieved from a single solution but rather a wholesome perspective, so to speak.