We live in an ever increasingly stressful world that needs to be reversed or will cause mayhem. Remember that 80%-90% diseases are stress-related. A great way to reverse this stress is meditation. I meditate everyday, and I can tell you that the benefits are REAL. I am more relaxed, no stress at all, no disease whatsoever, no cold, no headaches, of course this is also due to my healthy diet full of superfoods, green vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and plenty of spring water. But the thing is, meditation will get you into a more conscious state of being, a more awaken state, that you will just eat what is right for you.

The trick is consistency and taking it slow. Conventional wisdom says that we should meditate for an hour a day but for me that is too much. In fact I started with 2 minutes a day, then 3, then 5, now am at 20 minutes a day, gradually increasing. Another trick is to try doing it twice a day or even more times. I do 2, 10 minute meditation sessions, when I wake up and when I am about to sleep, makes me sleep like a baby.