Most heart attacks happen on Monday mornings, right about 8-9 A.M. and we all know why. Reporting to your crappy job on a cold Monday is as stressful as it gets, plus you are hangover-ed/bangover-ed since it was end month weekend where you drank most of you salary, if not all. Worse yet, you did not eat any vegetables, you did not drink water, but froth, soda, liquor and feasted on nyama-chips or mtura chips, now your body is weak, dehydrated and your mood is bad and the boss wants that assignment done, what can you do?


First of all all you need to do is avoid that coffee and sugar, drink some juice, freshly squeezed juice is one very good way to boost your feel good hormone seratonin. Spinach, lettuce, beet root greens, pumpkin leaves all contribute to increase in this hormone and will gradually make you feel better. Apples, pineapples, oranges and bananas can be used to ‘sweeeten’ the raw veg juices and bring balance.

Spirulina is also a great source of tryptophan and many other nutrients that will help you feel much better and energetic to tackle any sort of Monday. Cayenne pepper is also another good mood-booster, in fact it has been widely used to treat depression.

Exercise is another great way to boost your mood and feel better. Just walking for a few minutes in nature, not on a treadmill, can boost your seratonin levels and you will feel better almost immediately. Jogging, yoga, meditation and of course sexercise are other great ways to knock out those nasty Monday blues.