Lately I have been following a lot of work done by the gorgeous celebrity nutritionist Kimberley Snyder mostly because her health and beauty philosophies are all about nature, no supplements, no diet pills, just vegetable juice, exercise and superfood indulgence, more of less like my philosophies. On her website there is this free small e-book about the stuff that trigger fat accumulation and after going through it carefully, I thought it would be valuable to highlight some of the points she’s making and maybe compact them into much accessible form like a 2 tier blog post.

Hidden Fat #1 – Rancid or Denatured Oils

This is one of the biggest scams in the food industry. They claim to be ‘cholesterol-free’, these so-called vegetable oils, making the masses believe that the oil is actually made from vegetables, when was the last time you touched an oil spinach? These oils are most likely made from GMO and are highly processed making them harmful to our bodies. Pwani oil, golden fry, kimbo are all things that you would like to stay away from, if you want to be healthy or lose weight.

The healthiest oil to use is virgin coconut oil, locally manufactured and available, so you will also be creating Kenyan jobs by purchasing coast farms coconut oil from Tuskys, Uchumi, Healthy U, nowadays it is very much available unlike 1 year ago, which means people are becoming smarter and getting into the healthy food craze that is going on 🙂 among Kenyans. Unrefined peanut oil is also good, as well as sesame oil, toasted or otherwise. Sunflower oil is not so bad and it is more affordable than the above, but way much better than the ‘vegetable oils’.

Kimberley insists on getting dietary fat from whole food sources like avocados, walnuts, almonds which is also my thing.

Hidden Fat Trigger #2 – Gluten

Ever since the colonialists set foot on our land, we have always been brainwashed that their ways are superior to ours, especially when it came to food. You see, back in the day, we used to consume plenty of root vegetables like cassava, arrow-root, sweet potatoes, yams, which are loaded with nutrients and fibre that you can literary eat one meal a day based on the root vegetables. But when the mzungu came with his pastries all hell broke loose. All over sudden, we started eating bread for breakfast, and I’m not talking of a nutritious wholegrain sourdough bread like those you can get at artcaffe, no, the commercial chemical-laden bleached bread with preservatives, improvers, stabilisers and aspartame. Brown bread is not any much healthier, in fact it is much worse since they use food colour to make it brown. Eat this everyday with some sodium nitrite laden sausages is a recipe for disease, weight gain and premature death. It gets worse with the several chapatis that Kenyans eat daily, made with the same bleached nutrient-void flour.

Too much gluten damages your villi, mirco finger-like organs that absorb nutrients from food. If your villi are destroyed, you can’t absorb nutrition, hence indigestion and chronic disease like diabetes, cancer… not to mention gluten belly, which most people are struggling with.

Gluten is everywhere, in beer, lipstick, ketchup, so it is just safer to stick to baking bread at home, buying real sourdough bread or buying healthy pastries and bread from me ;-).

Hidden Fat Trigger #3 – Fake Sugar

Diet sodas like diet coke and coke zero of course do not contain what we know as sugar, but they have to sweeten it somehow…with aspartame, a neuorotoxic and legal food additive that is also in your ‘sugar-free’ chewing gum. She has also referred it to as an excitotoxins, a compound that excessively stimulates your brain cells causing massive damage. Studies have shown that drinking diet sodas actually lead to weight gain and other nasty life-threatening diseases.

I use jaggery (unrefined whole cane sugar), stevia, raw organic honey, organic maple syrup and fruit juice to sweeten my pastries and stuff that needs sweetening.

Hidden Fat Trigger #4 Conventional Meat

Animals raised in factory farms (small unhygienic enclosed spaces) obviously lead to bad news. They are also fed GMO soy and grains as opposed to traditional breeds which thrive on grass to give use meat loaded with heart friendly omega 3s as opposed to GMO omega 6s from the grain-fed animals. They are also injected with hormones to boost meat and milk productions and research has concluded that consuming these hormones in the food does cause a myriad of health problems like cancer, weight gain and such.

Eat more kienyeji chicken and eggs, get wild fish from city market and ask your butcher where the cows come from. I am lucky I live in Lang’ata where my butcher goes to Kiserian to select the goats and cows from the field himself. We all know Maasai-raised goats taste amazing, just because the goats live free, get plenty of sunshine and eat grass, no GMOs.

Hidden Fat Trigger #5 Dairy

This is also ties to the previous point as drinking milk with hormones is just not smart. Furthermore, the milk has been pasteurized and homogenized meaning all the living nutrients in raw milk are killed leaving you with a dead nutrient void food that is highly inflammatory and fattening as well.

The best milk alternative is almond milk, which in fact has more calcium than cow’s milk and less the nasty stuff. Almonds are referred to as one of the most nutrient dense nuts so making milk from them is a very smart idea. Just buy flaked almonds from healthy U and soak for 12 hours, 1:7 ratio of nuts to water. Blend then strain with a cloth and use it in recipes.