Healthcare is big business and in Kenya as the economy grows and household purchasing powers increase, the number of clinics, pharmacies and hospitals also follows suit. Call it westernisation. We worship and praise the white man and his ways, blindly of course. We went from drinking probiotic-rich fermented whole grain porridge, to flossing with BPA-laden java coffee cups all around town. From root vegetables as a breakfast side, to carcinogenic croissants that are loaded with some of the 7 things that I will be talking about on this blog post. Oh and when you order yams, arrow roots or sweet potatoes, they say you have no money for croissants or bread, ukoloni mambo leo.

  1. Refined Foods; Sugar/All purpose Flour/basically processed foods

I begin with this crap as it many people consume foods with it, especially in the morning, the most important meal, then you start with food that has no nutrients but calories. Then at 10 a.m you are hungry again, craving for some more bleached flour business. Maybe mandazi this time or a pastry with the office tea. Then white chapati for lunch, OMG. First of all, this is the reason why your stomach is not flat! when you eat empty foods, they spike the blood sugar instantly then it falls immediately. This irregular rise and fall of blood sugar caused you to gain weight in the short term and then diabetes and other chronic conditions in the long term. In fact all refined foods like sugar, white rice lead to this so it is very crucial to consume whole foods, like brown chapati, brown rice, brown ugali, keepin it brown babe.

2.   Vegetables or Lack thereof

Many People I know don’t eat vegetables. I even know chefs who hate vegetables, SMH. You are supposed to eat 5 servings of veggies everyday, that is if you really want to be healthy. That means 5 small bunches of kale/sukuma wiki or one medium-sized head of broccoli. Of course it is impossible to reach this goal, given that we are being westernised so it would be wise and juice your veg to reach this target easily, even in one cup of juice.

Green leafy vegetables, especially wild traditional veriaties like amaranth greens (terere), solanaum (managu) are superfoods packed with nutrition and disease-preventing and fighting qualities. I personally love juicing terere with carrots or just a lemon. Lemon juice is amazing, it makes the nastiest green juice taste very nice.

Lightly cooked vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts add flavour and colour to the dish, not to mention fibre and nutrition to prevent and reverse disease. Just take your frying pan, add a little virgin coconut oil then when it is really hot, add your onions then greens (cabbage/broccoli/terere/managu/kale all work with this recipe) then season with Himalayan salt and cook for exactly 2 minutes. Remove from heat and let veg rest in the pan (it will still continue to cook) and serve, very simple and so delicious, you will get addicted to sauteed vegetables.

3. Exercise or Lack Thereof

Exercise is perhaps the easiest way to boost your immune system and prevent disease and also feel great all day everyday, even on a cold Monday like this one. All my life I have been physically active, playing football almost everyday from since I can remember, to running marathons, yoga, meditation and brisk walking in the present. More than enough studies have shown that exercise is great for our immune system, coupled with superfoods like spirulina, cayenne pepper and green vegetables, you can be healthy like me, no sickness, no colds, no headaches, just energy, happiness and optimum productivity.

Walking is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, especially if you work in a tall building, just take the stairs, the gravity will add the extra punch in terms of flattening your michelin-like waist line and exercising your heart. Running is my favorite, I just wake up, drink warm mineral water with spirulina, cayenne pepper & Himalayan salt. Then I start warming up to some music for 20 to even 40 minutes and then I hit the road. You can start slowly of course, remember baby steps. Feel free to leave a comment