If you have not read Kimberley Snyder’s blog about natural care for beauty then you need to get with it ASAP. She puts a lot of emphasis on healthy living for an overall well-being but in her mini ebook, Hidden Fat Triggers, she explains 10 things that are considered somewhat healthy by industry but in the real sense they are far from it. I read it and thought to summarize it for y’all since many of my clients and search-related readers wish to lose some weight in a sustainable fashion. I covered 5 triggers in part I and now here goes the rest.

Hidden Fat Trigger #6; Corn

Many people think that ugali is healthy but since the precolonial days, this quintessential Kenyan classic meal has become more and more toxic. First we have lost our genetic heritage in terms of maize species. I remember when I was a kid, we used to get maize that even had some colours like blue, purple, yellow but now it’s all white, thanks to unnecessary hybridization and genetic modification. Since global Ag giants like Monsanto and sygenta have already pitched tent in our industrial area, best believe that majority of the maize grown locally is hideous in some way. These new hybrids and GMOs require copious amounts of chemicals to’prosper’ which not only end up up on your plate, but also in vital underground water bodies, making sure we consume loads of chemicals that make us sick and slows down our metabolism, which subsequently leads to weight gain among other worries.

Hidden fat Trigger #7: Acid

This one is tricky. First of all, new research proves that food does not generally alter the pH of your entire system so it would be wrong to claim that alkaline-rich diets prevent diseases and vice versa BUT one thing about alkaline foods is that they are mostly vegetables which themselves help prevent disease. The key issue here is avoiding processed foods that in my opinion produce more complex toxic acids that those found in brown rice. Soda is very acidic as well as diet soda, energy drinks and what not, just drink water and freshly squeezed juices and see that weight coming off easy peasy.

Personally I eat equatorial ugali which has whole organic maize that is enriched with pumkin seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, amaranth flour and rice bran, it is also avery delicious, I can eat it everyday if I could.

Hidden Fat Trigger #8 High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

A study done in the 1960s showed that cows fed a diet rich in HFCS ended up gaining weight twice as faster as those without, very simple. Indutry used this as a sweetener and claimes the drink to be sugar free,as well as the gums and basically anything that says it is sugar-free, it is most likely sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, whic his also naughty for causeing cancer, brain decline, alzheimers and so on.

Again the best healthy sweeteners are raw honey, molasses, jaggery, stevia, organic maple syrup..

Hidden Fat Trigger #9: Additive

You know this by now..stuff like butyl hydraxinosal is just not good for ya. Read ALL ingrediants lists, if you can’t understand it, then your body can’t as well.

Hidden Fat Trigger #10: Beer

Beer has it all, gluten, high fructose corn syrup, additives, colourings, preservatives, it is just a nutritional nightmare. Drink wine or muratina, say no to beer.