Cancer cases and deaths are on a sharp rise in Kenya thanks to westernization of our diets and lifestyles. The ordinary Kenyans today will eat almost 95% processed foods, from breakfast tea with refined sugar, sausages with MSG and nitrites, bread with additives and excess gluten you get the drift…not many people will eat vegetables leave alone superfoods like spirulina, raw apple cider vinegar or quinoa. Cancer is big business though, that is why you will never hear of a cancer-prevention campaign, but rather cancer-treatment/research, you know biz.

Conventional cancer treatments are excruciatingly painful, both physically, emotionally and financially. At a young age, a neighbor of ours succumb to cancer treatment and I could see the suffering, it is not humane to say the least, I would not wish conventional cancer treatment (radiotherapy/chemotherapy) to my worst enemy. There is great news though. cancer is easily curable with a natural approach, that includes detoxification, consumption of nutritious organic foods, exercise and avoid stress. Like Chris Wark, who beat stage 3 colon cancer naturally, just watch this video below, or check out his website, especially if you know someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

From local perspective, people like Fatma Abdi or Raphael Koikai, interviewed by the Daily Nation, have also quickly and efficiently recovered from life-threatening positions feigned by doctors who went to MEDICINE school, not healing school, nope. Mzee Thomas Murei, 75 is ‘and still riding his bike’ after beating prostate cancer using alternative treatment via the able hands of Dr Koibatek in his herbal clinic.

Personally I have also seen a friend of a friend beat skin cancer using natural solutions mostly green juicing of superfoods like wheatgrass and stuff.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

I prevent cancer  diseases using the following strategies, and it works because I have not been sick in like 6 or 7 years, no malaria, no diarrhea, no ulcers, no nothing just perfect health.

  1. Eating whole foods, juicing and/or blending veg-fruit-superfood smoothies like this aloe-vera smoothie
  2. Avoiding processed foods like white rice, refined sugar (use honey/stevia/jaggery/maple syrup)
  3. A variety of exercise consistently. Jogging, brisk walking, yoga, meditation
  4. Drinking high quality spring (real mineral) water
  5. Avoid negative unnecessary stress, like Arsenal losing to whoever, bad relationships, bad jobs, that should not stress you.
  6. Read informative books, websites, Facebook pages, tweets and avoid a lot of T.V especially the news which is full of bad news like car accidents, rapes nsh!t, just to spread fear among the people. People in fear are easy to manipulate.
  7. And lastly, Karma. Do good and good shall come your way, very easy