The mild Kenyan winter is finally over. The sun is shining from as early as 6 and by midday, it is screaming hot. Most people will ‘quench their thirst and cool off’ using a bottled processed product, most likely a cold soda, well… your sub conscious mind has been more or less brain washed by the numerous ads on TV and billboards. This is one of the reasons why hospitals and the sickcare industry is expanding even to our neighborhoods, them hospitals got branches now.

Many diseases and health problems are mostly caused by chronic dehydration. Drinking water is perhaps the most simple way of getting healthier, as you see. High quality water like natural spring water contain a nice balance of minerals that not only improve the taste, but also boost your health.

My trick of getting more water into my system is starting early in the day with a cocktail of superfoods like spirulina, cayenne pepper, Himalayan salt and lemon juice. This also gives me the energy I need for my morning run/walk/yoga. Which will drain some water from me, so I make sure to drink half a litre after exercise, slowly.

Eating fruits like pineapples, watermelons, mango can also help keep good hydration levels at the same time keeping your food cravings at bay.

Avoid Dehydrating Foods

Drinking tea with sugar and bread will have a dehydrating net effect on you. Try green tea sweetened with honey and lemon juice to add some tang. Green tea is good for your heart, weight, diabetes, ulcers and so on. Plus you can pair it with sweet potatoes to get a nutrient-packed breakfast which will cost you less, especially in these times of 65 shillings for a lousy packet of hormone-laden milk. You don’t need the man-boobs buda boss.

Juice, Blend, Squeeze

Recently I talked about the health benefits of juicing  which is great. But if you don’t have time to juice, you can still get loads of nutrition using a simple blender. One word… smoothies. Very simple and cheap to make. All you need is a liquid (water, almond milk, coconut milk/water), some veg (kale/spinach/broccoli/beet root) and fruit (banana is vital because it also increases the thickness of the smoothie) for sweetening and balance. You can squeeze some lemon juice to add balance and nutrition even lamon juice can make nasty stuff like pure kale juice very palatable, just try