How To Make Almond Milk at Home

In this age of unbearable food prices due to more taxes, it would be wise to make your own milk at home. Ksh 60 for half a litre of milk is just insane, and you can buy Ksh 150 worth almonds (at healthy U, though nakumatt has cheaper nuts), 100g which can easily make you 500g worth of the most nutritious, cancer-free (yes commercial milk is cancerous due to the GMO hormones injected or fed to the cows to make them produce more milk) milk. Almond milk contain so many beneficial like omega 3s, vitamin E, antioxidants, magnesium, manganese, fibre (just to mention a few) which are all key for good vibrant health.


To make the almond milk simply soak 1 part almonds in 5 parts water overnight or at least 3-4 hours and then blenderize. Next step is to strain using a very fine kichungi (sieve) or better yet a clean cloth. I bought a bandana just for this purpose, works very well and easy to clean. If you wish to drink the milk as is you can add some honey andd cinnamon to boost taste, not that it taste bad, it is just that almond milk is a little bland, but perfect in any recipes that require milk like baking. It is also perfect in smoothies, like putting one cup almond milk in a blender with a bunch of spinach, honey, banana and pineapples.


9 thoughts on “How To Make Almond Milk at Home

  1. Hi so I have gone to the stores u mentioned in the (5 tips for awesome skin) and I can only find ‘Virgin coconut oil’ is that the same or does it work the same way like the ‘Extra Virgin’ one?
    Question 2. I found a clear version of the ‘virgin coconut’ oil almost looks like extra virgin olive oil and then there is a white thick liquid of the the same ‘Virgin coconut’ oil are they significantly different? what is that difference? if any? and which works better?

  2. extra virgin is the same as virgin when it comes to coconut oil. The coast farms one, virgin, is legit. The virgin coconut oil is liquid when it is hot, and solid when cold, absolutely no difference. To melt it just put in a place with hot water

  3. New here and love your blog. Your posts are informative and funny (the aching tooth one). I’ll definitely try the almond milk recipe.

    Also, I’d been looking for ACV with ‘mother’ all over Nairobi (well, I was biased to Braggs brand having read reviews about it) and was mightly glad when I read from your post that I can get from Healthy U. I’ll check it out (plus the Spirunila).

  4. Hello there?

    Great article man. I normally follow your writings and they are very informative. Could you please tell me where I can buy fresh tofu in NAIROBI and what are the prices for various quantities.?

    Thanks as I wait to read from you. You may post to my email:

  5. Hey Kahonge

    Am in Uthiru. Where are the shops that you have mentioned health you located at. I need almonds to make milk for smoothies

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