The average Kenyan diet is quite low in fiber. You will mostly find refined tea, refined sugar and refined bread on most breakfast tables or office kitchens. The middle class peeps will add some conventional eggs, MSG-flavored sausages and maybe some juice to make them feel less guilty. Thing is the juice is from concentrate, processed under high heat, and probably contain a huge load of preservatives, flavorings, coloring and what not. But who has the time to read the ingredient list?

At ten o’clock in most offices is the same ish. Them corporations like their coffee some even have an automatic vending machine. Pastries are gaining popularity in the country, and almost 99.9% of them in the market are made with processed stuff that ends up with a product that has very little fiber, if any; leave alone the potassium bromate gas used to bleach the flour into a marketable shining white.

Lunch time is when the masses flock the fast food joints and grab some fries and soda roughly Ksh 120, if they are really hungry, they add a GMO chicken piece on top, a bill of round about Ksh 250, and then whine about how healthy food is expensive. When am in town and need a quick meal, I just pop into sizzlin grills just near Kencom, ambassador, order some mokimo and lightly cooked greens with a vegetarian sauce, bill Ksh 150, of course I always have my mineral water in my back pack so I could not care for a drink like soda, yuck. If I am not in a hurry, and feel like eating great food, I go to bridges organic restaurant. Their chicken is supreme. Ksh 300-500 for organic entrees cooked by professional chefs, No wonder the place is always fully packed everyday, it would be wise to go early, like 12, 12.30, ukule top layer mtu wangu :-).

  1. Fiber Keeps You Full, Hence a Great Weight Loss Aid

Fiber slows down digestion of food to a sane level releasing nutrition and energy slowly and in a sustainable manner. This is invaluable for maintaining  good weight since eating food with less fiber, like white rice, will lead into a faster digestion, blood sugar spike in the case of diabetics, and eventually you will have to eat more frequently. When your eat brown rice, you will feel satiated for a  longer period, and subsequently you will eat less calories, and with good exercise, you will be able to lose those extra layers of fat that are not doing you any good.

2. Fiber Lowers Cancer Rates

This is predominantly colon cancer. proven theorem being that fiber, insoluble fiber in this case acts as a broom and sweeps the colon clean of toxins and other crap, literally, which have been associated with colon cancer. Consuming food like commercial bread which also have negligible fiber, is not good for your colon. The healthiest bread you can get in Nairobi is artcaffe. I know there is all this talk of racism and bla, but the fact is they have the healthiest and most authentic breads I have ever tasted. The healthiest and very delicious being sourdough rye bread (70% rye and 30% whole wheat). I STRONGLY recommend this bread to everyone who likes bread. Yes it costs Ksh 210 for a mini french, it is also called that, or French bread for a huge loaf. Oh and it has no additives, no preservatives, no sugar, no milk, no food coloring that are contained in your supaloaf.

Sourdough is fermented foods which are very very good for digestion, remember, Hippocrates said that most diseases begin in the stomach, a blog post for another day.

3.  Fiber Will Manage Your Diabetes

Most of my clients are diabetes or are borderline diabetic which makes sense. the fiber and nutrient void food that most Kenyans eat on a day-to-day basis do not contain fiber. First of all, we have switched into eating more animal products which do not have any dietary fiber whatsoever. The wide use of chemicals in the food chain, from farm to fork, has also compromised our immune system leaving us susceptible to disease. Instead of the tea and bread, try fermented porridge, with raw honey and some sweet potatoes, simple, cheap, delicious, nutritious, a no-brainer for me.

In my opinion, soda and sugar-laden alcoholic drinks is bears more blame for the epidemic diabetes in our nation. They can serve you soda in hospital meals. It is everywhere even in the most remote place in Wajir. The amount of chemicals and sugar in soda is insane, the most recent research being how phosphoric acid in soda destroys teeth. Just get a juicer, I usually recommend moulinex. Buy a Ksh 100 watermelon that you’ve tasted and found it to be good. Juice it and chill. This is an amazing way to quench your thirst using nutrient-rich watermelons and also good if you have guests and you might not want to destroy their teeth with soda.