This blog post is not for the faint of heart. Doctors and the whole medicine industry is just not sustainable. First of all, medicine and pharmaceuticals is one of the most profitable industry in global business. We got people poppin pills like candy, without research, without questioning, just blindly following what the people in white coats are telling us. In this video below you’ll see Dr. Leonard Coldwell, a naturopath doctor with the highest cancer cure rate in the world, 92.7% to be exact. He clearly explains why you should avoid doctors simple because they have one of the shortest lifespans statistically of 56 years of age, highest alcohol abuse (most doctors I know drink a lot). Doctors also are credited with the highest abuse of drugs (You’ve seen how Dr. House is a junkie LOL). Last but most important statistics about your doctors is that they have the highest suicide rates. << This is the person you want to ask how to be healthy, fit and strong for the next hundred years or so? I did n’t think so.

Leonard then tells us that the best people to seek advice from about health are people who are doing it. Go to Dr Murugu clinic . Who has healed several people from their chronic disease using natural approaches of herbs, juicing and more. He even has herbal products for birth control, unlike those your doctor is selling that affect the whole reproductive system and your overall health too. A friend of mine told me that a doctor told her that birth control pills save good eggs and flash out bad eggs, hahaha, I know it’s hilarious but very serious at the same time. Of course this is absurd and most importantly, there is no scientific evidence of such, if at all there is more than enough scientific evidence on the risks or the pill, like the heightened risk of breast cancer.

If you want to know how to be healthy, ask from people like me, who are living it everyday. I have helped clients with chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, obesity and weight issues, PMS. All with natural approaches of superfoods, juicing, raw food, exercise and so. Read this blog, NaturalNews and other unbiased informative sites.

Oh and most importantly, avoid microwaves