I love beans, love em, be it nyayo beans, njahi (black beans), black eyed beans,kidney beans, wairimo beans, butter beans,basically any type of bean that is locally available, am down with it. When I moved to my university hostel, beans were my everyday source of protein. I used to take parboiled beans (frozen) from my mum’s house then eat them in the course of the week. As a university student, I did not have plenty time to cook, I remember finishing class at around 4 ad heading to the library till 6.30 or so, not reading the main course work, no, I spent most of my university time in the library reading business daily, surfing the web for information and research and reading general knowledge books, nutrition books, finance books and periodicals.

Cooking beans from scratch is tricky, you can soak the beans in the morning and start working on them in the evening when you arrive from work. But still you will have to cook for at least 2,3 hours or so, to get good flavor. Of course you can use a pressure cooker but those things are noisy, dangerous and cook food fast, meaning no time for flavors to develop naturally. So the best solution is then to buy parboiled beans at your local market, not the frozen ones in the supermarket. First those guys soak the beans, getting rid of ‘gas’ and they cook them in low heat very nice and slow, preserving many nutrients and flavor as well. Beans by the way are very nutritious that some people see them as superfoods.

Think vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and most importantly, zinc, which is a mineral lacking in the ordinary Kenyan diet. Why is zinc important, it is strongly associated with a healthy reproductive system, from healthy sperm and ova, to strong libido and also helps you men to last longer. No need for viagra, ( I recently read a facebook post of a doctor claiming that there are many young people under 23 going to his clinic after reacting badly to viagra, did not surprise me to hear these boys can’t get it up, just look at the average 22 year old male in Nairobi: most probably drinks cheap sisters’ of death alcohol and smokes tobacco everyday, eats a very horrible fast-food based diet, never eats vegetables, no water, no exercise, no reading, no meditation, just playing playstation like children, wearing many hideous Mohawks and endless partying to vybz kartel’s riddims while dry-humping in the club for 1 minute hehehe unless on the blue pill. Where did society go wrong?


The most vital part of this dish is making the veg stock. You can use water but water kills flavor, in my approximation, by 90%, just imagine you lost 90% in an exam…

  1. Heat sufuria/stock pot
  2. Add (Mirepoix) crushed garlic, chopped onion, carrots and crushed cherry tomatoes (or any tomatoes but cherry reigns supreme)
  3. Add finely chopped dania/cilantro stalks together with roots (these roots are invaluable ingredients in Thai cuisine.
  4. Brown mirepoix then add potatoes and a teaspoon of curry powder to toast for a minute.
  5. Now de-glaze with veg/chicken stock. This means adding the liquid and scrapping off the brown bits from the bottom of the pot. That is where all the flavor is, we call it ‘sucs’ in the culinary industry.
  6. Then add the soaked beans making sure you have a ratio of 2:1 liquid to beans.
  7. Bring to a boil, then reduce to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes with lid on.
  8. After removing food from heat, now is when you add the dania/cilantro leaves from before. They are very delicate hence it it is wise to use cook them with the carry over heat as the food is resting, releasing amazing flavor

Serve with quinoa and sauteed amaranth leaves (terere)

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