I love chicken. Been eating them kienyeji/free range organic ever since I could remember and trying the broiler/factory farmed birds just does not cut it for me. Real chicken is a challenge to cook as it tends to dry out easily. It is for this reason that people boil the chicken, some even for hours to get to tenderness but you can simplify all this by using a brine.

The brine makes everything simple, which is exactly how I approach food, and all things life. Simplicity, not necessarily easy, but simple meaning to understand the dish is not hard and there are not so many ingredients to overpower the main ingredient but just enough to kick it up a notch.

Brine, Then Marinate

A brine is a salty solution that you soak your chicken in that results in the most tender and moist chicken. I always brine my poultry with water, Himalayan salt and honey. On top of that I added tandoori spices, black pepper and some red chili flakes. After 90 minutes of brining a thigh-leg quarter, I made a marinade with greek yogurt, garlic, ginger, fresh thyme/rosemary/coriander, extra virgin olive oil and more of the tandoori masala.


I then roasted it in a 180C oven for 20 minutes then changed to grill setting to the max temperature (230C) for 4 minutes on both sides to get the skin crispy and delicious.

When the chicken is resting, chiffonade your kale and slice your onions into ring-like shapes while a frying/saute pan is heating. Add some unrefined peanut/sunflower oil to the pan and then the onions, saute for 1 minutes then add the kale. Season liberally with Himalayan/sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Saute for 90 seconds – 2 minutes and serve with quinoa and a sauce of your choice.

oven-roasted chicken