My dad had issues with high blood pressure for a couple of years but after embracing a more healthier lifestyle of more physical activity, drinking more water and reducing intake of refined sugar he is now very much better, in fact he even tells me he probably drinks more water than me nowadays after seeing the amazing benefits of this invaluable liquid. He even bought a book on water. Oh, and he also stopped visiting the doctors who were giving him endless expensive prescriptions of toxic medication which were not working.

This is the first thing I always advice everyone I interact with, drink water. When I visit people I always ask for a glass of water, just in case they were going to offer soda hehehe sleek. If they insist, I insist more on the health benefits of water or rather the health risks of dehydration.

The headache you have now is from dehydration, the alcohol or the soda you had yesterday or the coffee is dehydrating you. You needwater more than anything. An average man can survive up to 14 days without food but just water. The same man can barely make it past 3 days without water, that’s gotta tell you something right?

Dr Batman in his books explains how many people are just thirsty, not sick, which I concur fully. You are supposed to drink abut 6-8 glasses of water everyday. If you don’t do that, you create a deficit, which needs to be replenished by even more water, but instead you drink dehydrating liquids, thinking tat coffee has water so you are killing two birds with one stone, nay. Coffee, tea and sugar-laden beverages are so dehydrating, Instead drink porridge, organic cacao, or better yet a green superfood smoothie.