Healthy living is all about the big picture. Yes, now you are able to run a couple times a week, and yes you have started your superfood journey with spirulina, lemon juice, aloe vera, quinoa. You are getting things right now and starting to feel better and would like to keep your foot on the healthy living throttle. The next thing you need to do is get rid of your toxic cookware and invest in healthier options.

Most cookware in the market is made with aluminium which is highly reactive when heated and very toxic when ingested. And today there is this new trend of non-stick cookware whose fumes can kill a bird. I used high quality non-stick pan and the fumes made me throw it away, despite the fact that I bought it for almost KES 2 000. I can vividly remember how bad those fumes were and I would not wish them on my worst enemy.

Another cheffy reason of why not use non stick cookware is because the stuff that sticks on the bottom of the pan has more flavor than anything else going on in the pot, hence the term deglaze. For instance when am making a quick stock, I’d want to brown the aromatics (garlic, onions, cherry tomatoes, leek, carrots) and let them sort of stick to the bottom, then deglaze that goodness using a spatula and fold it into the stock and within minutes I have very flavorful liquid that I can use instead of water in recipes. If a chef adds water to a recipe, while he could have used stock/broth, that chef is not good and does not know the basics of great food, kinda like Ali on tamu tamu. Am not hating, it has to be said, that show (in terms of cooking) lacks creativity, technique and execution…the host cannot even cook ugali ya jogoo, sembuse ugali wimbi, the only positive thing about it is that they are showcasing Kenyan food, albeit poorly. Then, how do you use fillet steak for a stew, major technical error, steaks are for fast cooking, slow cooking cuts are like shoulder, osso buco, ox tail, brisket, short rib, not fillet mignon, which he stewed twice on the few shows that I’ve watched, Lord knows how many more times he will do injustice to the fillet mignon, my least favorite cut of the steer, since it is just tender and no flavor whatsoever.

So the next time you want to make a beef stew, go for less leaner, more bony meat. Never grill a leg or arm, like most people in Kenya would, even if it is a goat’s leg, it has been doing plenty of work during the lifetime of the critter and subsequently built big muscles, which need slow low-heat cooking like stewing or braising. Mt favorite cut to stew and/or braise is the osso buco or shin, lotsa work, lotsa connective tissue that tastes divine when broken down with slow cooking.

Stainless Steel Best Bet Against Toxin

Iron Chef America is without a doubt the best cooking show ever made. It marries great chefs, superb ingredients and excellent food commentary in kitchen stadium. They also use high grade stainless steel, almost exclusively. Not aluminium, not non stick, stainless steel. If the best chefs in America are using stainless steel, then that has to tell you something. First of all, it is nonreactive with heat and food so no funny flavors or heavy metal intoxication. Secondly, they are very durable and last for long unlike most modern cookware and lastly, you can make them more or less non stick using oil and gluten-free flours so there you go.

Personally I also think food taste much much better when cooked in a rossetti