I have a great amount of energy. I can sell you half of it and still run 10 KM, like it ain’t no thang. How do I do this? part is due to the long-term benefits of healthy living, been doing this for years. And part is due to short-term strategies that work perfectly for me. Today I will share with you my some tips on what I do that gives me plenty of energy and subsequently help me exercise efficiently with ease.

Tip #1; Don’t Stress It

Most people think that efficient exercise is all about going hard and running marathons, NO! I started with a 1 KM run and built up to an average of 4 KM per jogging session. Key here is maintaining a moderate intensity exercise, so that you burn more fat than energy.

Do not do insanity work outs, that have been trending a lot. I have tried it and it just does not help, unless of course you are used to high intensity work outs, I’d strongly recommend against pushing yourself to the limit, just take it easy.

I run for 3KM in the morning, then stretch out with some yoga, then walk or take a hike in the evening then unwind with some yoga, it’s a beautiful thing 🙂

Tip #2; Diversify

Even the seasoned gym expert sometimes needs time off the gym and try out some yoga, hiking and that is one major weakness of many people who work out, we keep doing the same stuff. I was very prone to this, was running almost everyday in the morning but today I do several types of work outs like walking, hiking, cleaning (yes I clean my apartment almost everyday which is great exercise for the back when you are not using a mop) yoga & meditation.

You can skip, swim (preferably in an ocean not a chlorinated swimming pool << very bad, increases your chances of getting cancer by a whooping 400%) or better yet engage in a competitive team sport like football, basketball etc.

Tip #3; Eat Smart

You knew this was coming…you MUST EAT HEALTHY for any exercise to bear fruit, otherwise it will be one step forward, two steps backwards.

If you are waking up early to jog, make sure you eat as early as possible on the previous night. I make sure I have finished my eating business at around 7, 7.30 so by 11 when am retiring, I will have digested all the food which is VITAL for getting a good night’s sleep and subsequently to have energy in the next morning. If you eat late, instead of resting whilst asleep, your body will be struggling to digest the food and then you wake up all lethargic and feeling lazy. Plus, the food will be most likely converted into belly fat, and that is where hizo ma tyre zinatoka.

Before the morning exercise it is imperative that you consume something that will energise you. I almost always drink some spirulina + cayenne + Himalayan salt + lemon juice + spring water. Sometimes I eat a banana or a handful of organic raisins but nothing works like my favourite algae.