Lately I have become the aficionado of meditation and mindfulness based on personal experiences and also a surge in the number of research proving the benefits of this ancient practice. I am so much more happier since I upped the ante on my meditation and yoga and I can guarantee you that the benefits far outweigh the costs. On top of that, I am more relaxed, generally, more mindful and aware of my environment and people around me and most importantly, the words; stress, doubt, fear, anxiety do not occur in my vocabulary and you can get rid of them too if you start meditating today now.

First things first, meditation has helped me deal with any kind of sh!tuation, whilst cool, calm and collected. I remember last year I used to beef with haters, and waste time with unnecessary on-line exchanges. Nowadays, I avoid that and let the haters be. If they insist, I simply block them and move on along with my happiness. The amount of time and emotional sanity I have saved myself is invaluable.

Another way meditation and yoga have helped me is patience. Ok, I was not that impatient of a person but I could not stand traffic jam. I used to feel like pulling my hair out when I see even the smallest of traffic but nowadays with mindful meditation, even the nastiest snarl ups of uhuru highway do not scare me at all, but still, I avoid them like the plague, time is money kid.

Last but indeed most important is that meditation has helped me to accept. If I break an expensive glass in the kitchen, I don’t curse or feel an iota of sadness, but rather I accept that I made a mistake and move on with it, same goes for any kind of mistake that you might do, big or small. I will leave you with some food for thought from Sanskrit, yoga and meditation Lingo, Namaste