It’s that simple, If you diss ease, if you don’t take life easy and you are always stressed out, complaining, doubting, anxious, cancer will get you, according to Dr. Leonard Coldwell, the doctor with the best cancer cure rate in the world, around 92% of his > 60 000 clients have been cured of cancer and other life-threatening chronic diseases. In my quest for the perfect strategy for being healthy led me to this simple conclusion

No ism or schism

Many people bust my balls on facebook because I eat plenty meat but thing is, I am not a vegan chef, healthy chef. My purpose is to help you consume food from cleaner healthier choices and still enjoy things you have enjoyed all your life, e.g. nyama choma << something that unites people, mostly men and makes December worth looking forward to. How can you enjoy grilled tofu (fermented soybean curd << sounds nasty , I know, plus most of the soybeans in the world now are GMO so I almost never consume any soy) or portebella mushrooms while peeps are grilling goat ribs and sweet & sour pork loin chops, how now??

I tried vegeterianism and veganism but my mum’s kienyeji chicken stew is something I enjoy and it makes me happy, as well as lamb, steak, and most importantly BACON. So why stress yourself with things that are so hard to find and do not taste good, hence removing all the fun out of food and the whole eating experience.

Paleo also did not work, how do you live with chapati?? I tried all the gluten-free recipes I could access, results, not tasty, expensive and not necessarily healthier. So I nowadays enjoy pumpkin chapati, not paleo but very healthy and filling.

Moderation and Meditation

What Did I do? I started eating from cleaner sources, more naturally raised animals, organic eggs, grass-fed meats and happiness came back, all without losing my near-perfect health. In fact my health has never been better, because I enjoy life more. My skin is so smooth, I look like I just turned 17 years old, why? happiness and balance, moderation and taking it easy.

Before I started mindfulness meditation, I was a very strict health freak, I could not touch fries with a ten foot pole, something I have enjoyed a lot ever since I can remember. I would not even look at ketchup, meat or eggs. Life was hard and expensive, because trying to replace cow’s milk with almond milk was not working, especially as a chef. There is no way you can replace an ingredient like butter, with cashew butter, no way.

Then I took up yoga and mindfulness meditation full force, which help me moderate my diet, balance between eating mostly organic vegetables, fruit and their juices as basic. Carbs I go for mostly whole grain stuff but if invited for a meal of white rice and beans, I indulge like crazy, reminds me of our fav dish in high school, makes me happy, lowers stress, lowers chances of disease…get my drift. I can also eat store bought pasta once in a while, because it tastes nice, Ksh 200 per 200 grams. Gluten-free pasta at healthy U is Ksh 800 for the same 200g. Who wants to spend 4 times the money? unless you are gluten-intolerant.

I also obtain my carbs from raw nuts, which brings me to the next ism, raw foodism. Which is great for treating diseases like diabetes but cannot be easily sustained as a lifestyle. So I ensure I get plenty nutrition raw, juices, nuts, seeds and sprouts. But I still eat cooked food, it’s all about balance.


Try eat 60%-80% healthier foods, like beans, lentils, sweet potatoes, fresh fruit, nuts and then the 40%-20% can be unhealthy stuff that you enjoy and make you happy, that will lower stress especially when shared with other people, and subsequently decreasse your chances of getting DISEASE!

Bonne Weekend