Watching/reading/listening to the news is one of the most unhealthiest things you can do. News is full of death, despair, problems, disease and ‘deodorized dogsh!t’ as one journalist told me on Facebook. Just look at the newspaper, full of tribal politricks and divisive ethnicity, of course disguised a little bit, but that’s what it really is. I DO NOT watch the news of any kind and I can tell you that it has positively affected my attitude towards life and everything in general. Journos admit, that if it’s not a bloody front page, the paper won’t sell, so they make it their priority to bring you the worst news they can find. Seldom will they report the good news, like maybe the innovation among Kibera youth who grow organic vegetables in sacks or the group that makes cheap ecofriendly sanitary pads, no, that’s irrelevant to a country that is struggling with high food prices and unemployment.

All this negativity eventually engraves itself on your conscious and sub-conscious mind and you just become a negative stressed out being. We all know that stress causes almost 90% of diseases and no matter how healthy you eat or how efficient you exercise, you will still get sick and suffer because of the stimuli you surround yourself with.

What To Do Without TV

I know this might sound challenging but if you think hard about it, news does not add value to your life, not as much as watching a documentary about anything in your field, or better yet reading a book. Personally I watch a lot of cooking shows, for the edutainment. I also watch some comedies, to make me laugh and joyful, remember laughter is the best medicine and there are even great comedy plays in Nairobi, as well as other fun and inexpensive ways to enjoy life and de-stress.

If you can access a spot where you can watch the stars and the beautiful moon at night that is even more therapeutic than anything. Smooth jazz playing on the background or other mind-relaxing music also goes a long way in helping you relax and pass time in the evening, instead of watching MPIGs debating about how much they want to eat, not healthy.

Remember, I am not saying that you throw away your TV set, no, that would be irrational. Personally I have taken some time to be hardcore like this so just take it easy, start by one night. Just switch of that machine and eat dinner slowly while mindfully thinking about how that feeling is. Heck you can even try a candle-lit dinner, alone or with company it’s all good. It’s better with scented candles, heavenly divine.