I love singing in the shower. It is the best way to end my morning and/or evening work out with a heavy dose of feel good hormone (endophins) release. It helps me relax, unwind, ‘wake up’ and did I say feel good?

Singing To Lower Stress

Any kind of singing (positive of course) is beneficial to health, be it spiritual or just your favorite artist’s tracks, it all works magic on your mood and overall well being. Stress is termed as the modern day silent killer, since around 90% of chronic diseases are caused by stress and singing is one good way of taming this silent killer.

I remember singing on the top of our voices in high school on Sundays, especially when it was our turn to lead be the choir, it was one of the best moments in high school, now I get it, feel good hormones 🙂

Singing also improves your immune system helping you fend off disease much more efficiently. Several studies have shown that people who sing more often, like choir members have a better immune system and overall health when compared to people who almost never sing.

Type of Music To Sing To

The word stress does not occur in my vocabulary, as well as doubt. fear, anxiety or depression. Positive music plays a huge role in that; I sing along to mostly reggae and some little bit of jazz. Songs of praises are great too but try avoiding negative ill-minded music like P-unit, or Justin whoever. Vybz Kartel obviously is off the list, not even his good songs NKT. Listen to real R n B, Soul, Neosoul, Rhumba, Afrikan traditional music and sing a long, especially to the positive lines.

I also like to whistle, which is a form of music in and of itself. Very good especially when am in the kitchen cooking. Makes me feel so relaxed I don’t even have to think hard to recall a recipe that I have not cooked even in years.