Every day, I meet or interact with a people who want to start living healthier. After working for over 2 years with clients, I now understand better how to help them start this exciting and rewarding trip. Being on the journey myself or almost 8 years now, I can honestly tell you that it is so damn worth it and I could not trade it for the world. SO how do you begin? this transition from feeling awful everyday, to feeling awesome everyday. First of all, it’s not instant coffee. It takes time because it is indeed a journey, not a destination, am not there yet but I like to think that I am a few paces ahead and I therefore I can show you the way using my own experiences. The key word here is journey, not destination. I am not there yet, maybe a few steps a head, but you get the drift, everyone has his/her own pace so do not try to force it.

Step 1; Superfood Selection

Image From HealthyBodyNow.net
Image From HealthyBodyNow.net

The first thing I recommend to clients is a superfood, a food that has more nutrients per calories than others as well as more healing benefits than others. The first thing that comes to my mind is coconut oil. Reason being that it is locally produced, wildly harvested and very much organic. On top of that, it is inexpensive and so versatile, perhaps the most versatile ingredient ever. Great for cooking, baking, skin, teeth and many other more incredible uses.

Every food can be cooked with this oil, without the oil being overpowering in any way. I love to saute kale, another incredible superfood, with coconut oil and some onions, so amazing stuff. In fact you will use less oil and save more money while cooking with this superb oil, which will improve your digestion and metabolism, helping you detox and lose weight if need be, which brings me to my next point.

Step 2; Detoxify

We live in a toxic world. Unborn fetuses in the womb of a penguin in the north pole has agricultural toxins from the 1940s, PCBs, a blog post of another day. Even if you think you are clean, you are not, we all need to detox and the best way to get started is with cayenne pepper + lemon juice + warm water. On an empty stomach in the morning, is when you should take this. It will make you go to the loo several times then you will start feeling awesome, lighter and more energetic. You will not want to go back to feeling tired and stressed out all the time.

Do this everyday and you will not get sick easily. If you were too lazy to go for that morning run you have always been planning for then this is your solution. You can add some Himalayan salt to the mix for taste.