I do not believe in getting sick. I strongly believe that with a healthy lifestyle, we humans are near-perfect, in terms of functionality, performance and longevity. This is called the placebo effect in science and it works all the time. The human mind is very powerful than your thought, and your thoughts have more significant consequences on your overall health and well-being. In fact, taking it easy is one of the healthiest things you can do.

Do not get me wrong, am not saying you just think about being healthy and then it happens. No. What am saying is meditation, relaxation and tranquility << that will take you to the promised land, be it high blood pressure or obesity that you are struggling with, it is indeed, all in the mind.

Why Meditate

I cannot over-emphasize on the vitality of this ancient practice that has so many health benefits; from helping war veterans cope with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) to helping you sleep better. You name it, meditation will take care of it.

In a study, the researchers learnt that meditation also helped improve emotions, peacefulness, acting with awareness and non-judging. This I can testify. Before I upped the ante on my meditation and yoga practices, I used to beef a lot online and off. I used to like to argue non-constructively even if I knew the disagreement was pointless, but now, with increased mindfulness, I can never waste a single second on an idea or argument that does not add value, especially political issues.

Yesterday, there was no electricity for over 12 hours and since I work online and cook a lot with electricity, it would be considered normal for me to curse myself out and b!tch all day on social media and wherever. Nope, instead, I enjoyed the quite with a nice read of the business daily, my fav paper. I also meditated and did some yoga during the time as well as some little household chores that kept me busy. There was no time that I was stressed out because of the power outage and back in the day, I would have pull my hair our, even with a 2 hour power outage. After all


I know this might sound irrelevant but it is crucial and key to your health, taking it easy, even when faced with challenges.

How To Meditate

The best thing about meditation and yoga is that it is simple and you NEED NOT push your body/mind beyond extreme limits. Note that I said extreme limits, not the limits, where you just need to push a little bit beyond the comfort zone, not like most exercises where you are forced to do unimaginable things like run 40 KM, really?

On top of that, you can start slow and build up slowly with your own pace, nobody pushing you. I started meditating for 1 minutes. It was hard for me, especially sitting cross-legged but once I got the hang of it, I never looked back.

The trick is to be in a very silent place, close your eyes and breathe very deeply. Holding each breath for about 4 seconds or 5-6 heartbeats. Think of nothing but the breath and the heartbeat. Slowly you will have fewer thoughts even no thoughts at all, then you will drift into some thoughts. Its normal, what you have to do is simply start again, thinking about nothing but the deep breathing and nothing eventually, all the time being mindful of what you are doing and where you are, it’s a great feeling my friends. Namaste.