Most of my clients are women, who are generally more interested in living healthy and selling my services to them is not that hard, given their natural instinct as mothers, to nurture. This got me concerned about my male counterparts, who are not that interested in learning more about health, so I designed a marketing plan that will focus on getting men more into health and I knew for sure that it would work. I started selling the idea of eating healthy, which you can learn by hiring me, will help your sex life. As with the image below, you can see that intercourse dominates a large part of the male thinking hahamale_brain


On a serious note though, the modern Kenyan diet is void of nutrients and loaded with toxins explaining why many men are resulting to pharmaceuticals like viagra, cialis, just to sustain an erection. Furthermore, global sperm count is very low such that scientists are worried about. It is reported that 1 in 5 men, aged 18 – 25 is sub-fertile. This does not surprise me considering the lifestyles of men at this age; binge drinking cheap harsh liquor, smoking tobacco, drinking soda instead of water, eating fries, pizza, sugar, cakes and barely no vegetation whatsoever. The modern male adult does not know how to cook, even boiling eggs is a problem and they could not care less about nutrient-dense traditional African foods like githeri, managu, ugali wimbi, omena. What really pisses me off is that when a couple cannot conceive, the blame is taken on the women, not considering the unhealthy lifestyles of most men, not fair right?


Now lets talk about how to correct this, with foods first, but I think the most important thing is exercise. No matter how you look at it, there is no way to be healthy without regular physical movement, this is the same for a healthy sex life. There are many ways exercise helps with male performance, libido; by boosting testosterone, lowering stress (which lowers libido), improving blood flow (an erection is just blood flowing from your brain to your you-know-what). Exercise will also keep you in shape and looking great which will in turn boost your confidence and mood, not to mention you will be more attractive and have more sex appeal. This goes for both men and women, exercise is quintessential to a healthier sex life.


I wrote about this superfood on a similar blog post a long time ago but I just had to mention it today because of it unique health profile that makes it the perfect natural ‘viagra’ and a plethora of other health benefits. Yes beetroot juice has the same effect as viagra, increasing blood flow to the male genitals, but less the side effects of the blue pill which can even kill you. Plus, who wants to buy pills in order to make love? while you can just buy a juicer and juice em beets with carrots and apples to balance out the taste.

Beetroot also have detoxifying effect on your system which helps improve sexual health.


Regular consumption of this inexpensive and locally available fruit is just smart. It also helps to detox and improve blood circulation, anything that helps improve blood circulation helps with your erection. Juicing the watermelon is even better as you will get more nutrition per calories and it is much easier to digest and assimilate a juice than food, not saying we replace food with juice.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have great amounts of zinc, a rare micro nutrient that is associated with a healthier reproductive health. For both men and women, zinc helps a lot and is best sourced from pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. Walnuts are also know to boost fertility, as well as many other health benefits. Peanuts are not real nuts.


Not only are beans rich in zinc, they are also a great sources of fiber, vitamins, protein and antioxidants which all work to make you healthier and subsequently your sex life.

Other foods that help in one way or another are; Green tea, avocado, dark chocolate, ginger, garlic.