Virgin coconut oil is very rich in Lauric acid, which is found in mothers’ milk, just imagine how healthy that is…On top of that, the oil can be used in any recipe you can think of, used with a deft hand, makes food very delicious. Coconut oil also improves digestion and almost every thing else as it boosts your immunity, which is the front line defense against disease.

You can get wild-harvested virgin coconut oil at major supermarkets; uchumi, tuskys, where they stock a brand named ‘coast coconut farms’ for Ksh 530 (700ml) and Ksh630 for 1 litre. At nakumatt they have a brand clled ‘navida’ which is also legit, Ksh 575 per 750ml. Ideally, this is the most pure coconut oil I can think of, just think about the wild coconut trees of Coast Province 🙂

extra virgin coconut oil

The Uses

  • The best way to use apart from cooking/baking with it is on the skin, hair and oil pulling. It does not have a strong aroma so you will not attract bees or anything and it tastes nice so great for pulling (swishing in between your teeth for about 10 minutes then spitting it out). Make sure you brush your teeth after pulling as there are many toxins in your mouth – one of the key benefits of oil pulling is detox via the mouth.
  • If you have playful kids then coconut oils is the perfect pain killer for their bruises and cuts here and there which will also protect them from infection given coconut oil’s strong antibacterial qualities.
  • If your are sweaty like me then coconut oils is your best friends; perfect deodorant especially when paired with baking soda.
  • If your recently had a baby and is worried about the stretch marks, then worry no more, coconut oil clears stretch marks as well as any other unwanted skin condition.
  • If it is that dreadful PMS, coconut oil pulling will take care of it
  • If it is insomnia, having a hot bath infused with coconut oil will help you sleep like a baby, adding some rosemary into the boiling water is also awesome.
  • Perfect after-shave