The type of running shoes can make or break you, ask me, I know. When I started running on a daily basis, say 5,6 years ago, I started on some cheap knock off sport shoes that were uncomfortable and a bit big for running. I then embarked on a mission to find the ideal shoe.

I bought some converse trainer shoes, which were perfect for running on the grass pitch where I used to meditate and work out in the morning, but the long run, to and fro the area was dreadful due to the dirt road. Then I tried converse all star, again, great for soft environments like grass, some asphalt.

But the best running shoe I have ever used is my current pair of nike ‘Air Visi Pro 2

nike visi pro 2


These shoes are comfy, light but still very durable and also they are stylish meaning I can easily rock em with my blue jeans and T shirt, heck I can even rock a suit in these, it is nowadays trendy to do that :-).

Not easy finding such a high quality shoe, even at the local Nike Air store, bought them at Kikomba market a.k.a wadhii (now you know the latest trendy name of the place, Gikosh is just too old) for only Ksh 3 000. Most good Nikes ago for >Ksh 9 000 at nakumatt and more at sports stores and they will not even look half as nice as this second hand yes, probably played the NBA for one game or two 😉

In these kicks I can run on almost any surface with ease, rough road, asphalt, grass even on wet days I have great grip and awesome control.