In this fast paced modern times, people have generally devoted less time to cook and eat whilst appropriating more time to the hustle. This has led people into looking for quick meals and since whole natural foods naturally take a while to cook, the masses have been subjected to an onslaught of genetically engineered, chemically raised refined grains, the worst of them being wheat.

Most restaurants and home kitchens will always stock chlorine-bleached all purpose flour which is base for making chapati, baked goods and basically anything that requires flour, can be made with all purpose flour. Heck even the brown bread that you thought was so healthy, is just white bread with a little bit of bran and/or food color to convince.

Gluten Kills Digestion

Simply put, gluten messes up with your digestive system, affecting how your villi work, which are supposed to absorb nutrients from food. As Hippocrates, said, ‘disease begins in the gut’. When you cannot absorb and digest nutrients, you will be deficient of nutrients and hence be very susceptible to disease.

How To Avoid Gluten

  • We consume plenty of gluten for breakfast; in bread, pastries and chapatis, so what I do is eat more traditional stuff (as if that’s knew), like steamed sweet potatoes or arrowroots which are super delicious when steamed in a bamboo steam (available at Healthy U stores in major malls). They root vegetables are full of fiber and nutrition that you will not even have to eat a lot to stay full for longer hence great for any weight loss plan.
Ginger tea with steamed arrowroot
Ginger tea with steamed arrowroot
  • For chapatis I never use white flour, always use the winnie’s pure health chapati afya flour which is whole wheat blended with rye, finger millet and amaranth flour. And I only eat chapo once a week, used to eat them almost daily.
  • When am making homemade bread I always use sourdough (artcafe also make their breads with this age old technique which makes the bread more digestible)
  • For dessert I like making gluten-free oatmeal coconut cookies which are awesome. I also see fresh fruit as a dessert and eat them after a dinner to avoid plenty of baked goods, bananas are great for this as they also help induce sleep.