I used to run almost 5 days a week but a series of injured ankles and sore knees made me go back to the drawing board, which is mostly listening to my body and reading the latest research on exercise science. Brisk walking (walking fast) has been lately highlighted and rightly so because the research proves that it is more efficient in burning body fat, regulating blood pressure and sugar, all the same time without putting stress to your body as high intensity exercise would.

Furthermore, walking does not take up all my energy like running would, in fact, I find myself with more energy after a long 45 minute brisk walk and I end up doing more exercises or do some chores, kwanza leo ngware nimeosha vyombo zote hadi nimeshangaa haha

Warm Up

I always say, exercise without warm up is like sex without foreplay, how could that happen right? hehe But seriously warming up your body is the best way to prepare it for a physical task like brisk walking. I like dancing (yes I got some moves, kwanza in high school I used to perform kwa ma funkie, the girls used to screeeeeeeeam when I hit the stage, na siringi 😉 and a little bit of abs exercise, a few push ups, squats here and there then some yoga for stretching, also key before working out.

The longer you warm up, the easier the work out will be, it is that simple and your chances of injury or muscle pull will be negligible.

Sunrise Selfie; One of the best times to take a walk


Music, No Music?

Sometimes I feel like Tupac, sometimes it’s jazz, sometimes reggae and sometimes I just want silence, here is a matter of preference and of course safety, you don’t want too loud music, just enough to keep you going but not loud enough so that you can be aware of what is happening in your environment…you can easily be knocked with a motorbike because they use footpaths, just saying, be careful.

6 Benefits of Walking

  • Better sleep; Am enjoying longer and more comfortable hours of sleep
  • Immune system; walking has been shown to fend off all kinds of diseases
  • Sexual health; Improves circulation especially in the groin area improving your sex life without viagra, a huge concern going by the rising number of clients with erectile dysfunction issues.
  • Creativity; Walking improves your creativity as it improves thinking and clears the mind
  • Stress; Walking lowers stress, depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, it just helps you relax.
  • Fun; Unlike running or other high intensity exercise, walking is more fun because you can do it with your friends, family, spouse, dog etc The most re-memorable date in my life was actually a long walk in the hood, very very blissful 😉 and it It was almost free (she bought me some street bhajia aka bhajia mwitu and that was it), meaning you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time, a blog post for another day.