Sauti sol hawana huruma right? haha After the video went viral the gym has nowadays been too crowded even at off peak times with fellas working on their abs and chest, naturally of course – the way some ladies were reacting to the topless artists, what do you expect, men get insecure about their bodies too lol

at the gym meme

Gotta love Maina’s change of status, muhahaha. Anyway, on a serious note, many people are doing some strength training but are eating the wrong foods and end up with very low energy and no sauti sol abs, no matter how hard they work out.

On my account, this year I upped my ante on the strength training front, at home of course, with very few gym work outs and I just realized that I have gained significant muscle and I am more rip which has come mostly from home work outs and eating more plant-based protein.


     1. Avocado

Without a doubt, my favorite fruit because it is actually a full protein with all essential amino acids, good fats, vitamin E and a lot of antioxidants. In fact avocados have so many health benefits that some consider it a superfood and I do not disagree

      2. Beans

I love me some beans because they are nutrient dense, high in fiber and they are very pocket friendly but delicious all the same. Be it Rice n Beans, chapati madondo or a bean chilli, they add great plant-based protein to anyone who would like to build muscle ad still remain energetic after a heavy work out.

      3.  Kale

When you think muscle, veggies do not necessarily pop up but if you look at what this superfood brings to the table, you might be amazed. Being heavy on fiber kale will help in digestion and will also keep your food cravings on hold, you cannot get a six pac and every time you are munching on fries, soda and other crap.

       4. Fresh Fruit

Since I am expending more calories with my strength training, I have to eat more but very smarter. I load up on carbs from mostly fruit, bananas, pears, watermelon, pineapple which also have their fat-burning qualities as well.

      5. Clean Meats

I am lucky I get pasure-fed meats from nakumatt which also taste very good, I would never buy meat from any other place. I also eat kienyeji (free range) chicken and very little fish because most of it is being farmed nowadays, no flavor and no nutrition. I NEVER eat eggs, maybe once a year and it has to be kienyeji, just don’t like eggs, too much controversy. I also avoid milk but use some butter and a little greek yogurt in my muffins.

Working Out At Home

As I mentioned above, I mostly work out at home which is the best because I just work out in small stints throughout the day, like in the wee morning I will do push ups and roller, then go for a brisk walk which also helps tone my sexy thigh and calf muscles 😉 (If you don’t love yourself who will?)

After eating a healthy breakfast, mostly green tea and arrowoot/sweet potatoes/homemade cookies/sourdough bread I then get back to work. Just before lunch I will then do some chip ups and squats, plus you can always google, how to work out from home.

In fact, noways I don’t really go to the gym, most of the time it is crowded and for me exercise is very personal private thinking time.