I am blessed to live the good life. Actually it is the main reason why I embraced a healthy lifestyle many years ago. My genius mother raised me right, thank God for her. She showed me that you do not have to get sick, especially if you start at a young age like me, I probably started my first ‘wheat-grass-juice-health-benefits’ Google search at the tender age of 18. By then I was popping green juices like it was soda, of course many people making fun of our nasty appetizers, still mum never compromised flavor for the sake of healthy, so we were still served with delicious delicacies, with a healthy twist, the bedrock of my cuisine.

How To Get Good Great Looks

Trust me, I did not always look this good ;-). There was a point in time in life that I was chubby and my skin had pimples and of course my self-esteem was not really where I wanted it to be. Instead of accepting my ‘fate’, I decided to take charge of my life and started exercising, once or twice a week. In fact I started with a 1 KM jog and built up slowly to an average of 3KM, just listening to my body and nothing else. Exercise not only tones your body, it also improves your skin.

Then I consumed more juices, don’t remember the actual recipes but my mother always liked to mix up tree tomatoes, pineapples, cucumbers, which have very great benefits for your skin according to modern-day research.

I quit using chemical lotions and started with olive oil, then came virgin coconut oil which is just awesome for your skin and many other uses. I don’t do deodorant or antiperspirants, just coconut oil with a little bit of baking soda and am smelling fresh all day, FYI, I sweat a lot, I mean A LOT.

Within no time my looks improved drastically, (I could tell by the number of ladies gaining interest in me 😉 )and in the words of Tupac Shakur, I went from a nobody nigga, to the big man on the block! You can image how that did to my confidence and self esteem..off the roof, which affects your health in many ways.


How To Excel in Your Career

Well, I might not be the ranks of a TED talk speaker, at least not yet, but I believe I have been quite successful in my career as a blogger and an up-and-coming chef. I have won awards, competitions and have attracted clientele and funding for my brand so I think I might be in a fair position to tell you how to better your career

  • First of all you have to do what you LOVE. Anything less will not make you happy. I quit pursuing a business/finance degree because my heart and soul was in food. Of course many people might be against you quitting your job/education/business but if it is not what you love, then you just cannot be happy, there is no way to sugar-coat this.
  • READ. If you want to get that job promotion, your boss cannot hear you catching up on Kim Kardashians with the girls nor your twerking abilities. He/she would be interested in you if she overhears a conversation about inflation, economics, geopolitics,  East Africa Integration, healthy living, you know..smart stuff. Everyday I make sure I read up on health, business, family and other smart stuff, not who Arsenal is planning to sign for the summer, NKT. Reading improves my skills as a blogger and aspiring author too. Watch more edutainment; documentaries, satirical comedies like the office, south park, Boondocks and try to read between the lines, there is usually great life lessons to learn from these kinda shows.

Glass Half Full

I love this analogy because it is very simple and makes perfect sense, you can easily choose to think negatively – glass half empty or positively – glass half full. In life, sh!t will happen that you won’t like, but you always have the option to see the positive outcome of whatever.

You have to be positive and loving towards your family, friends and enemies too.

Thinking positively really helps with your health, for instance last week I had a tooth injury that was rather painful. Instead of feeling sad and going to the dentist to be injected with harsh chemicals, I looked at it from another angle.

Here is a chance to know how to truly manage my teeth naturally. I realized that I have not been using a lot of natural Himalayan salt nor lemon that kept my teeth strong all that time so I increased my usage of those and within a few days  the tooth was back to normal. I also ate healthier than normal; more veggies, beans and fresh fruits, green tea and ginger tea which gave me strength to fight the pain, which was also managed easily with cayenne pepper + lime juice.

I also exercised & meditated a lot in the sun which boosts immunity and helps manage any kind of pain so my health was really in good shape, in fact this is the only time I have been sidelined, my health has always been tip-top, which is without a doubt the basis of THE GOOD LIFE. Namaste