Skin cancer is on the rise and you might just be fueling the statistics every time you wear make up or any commercialized cosmetic. From make up. to cologne, deodorant to antiperspirant, most of them are just made up of harmful chemicals know to cause cancer and other diseases. I know this might be a huge pill to swallow but needs to be done, if you are willing to be healthy, energetic and happy, you just have to lose the foundation and the shaving cream, not good for you.

Am not making this stuff up, just try to read the fine print ingredients list on your fav lip bum and try Google the effects of , I don’t know, phtalates, lead, triclosan am sure you will not like the result.

But as you know this blog is always solution-oriented, not really focusing on the problem, but rather the most practical and affordable solution locally available and today is no different;

1. Virgin Coconut Oil

This oil must be heaven -sent because it is a solution to almost everything; Great for hair, skin and body. I have never bought any type of lotion in almost 4 years thanks to this oil and my skin & hair look amazing.

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It can be used as sunscreen,  hair conditioner (whatever that means), lip balm, stretch mark cream, dandruff treatment, shaving cream, cheekbone highlighter, deodorant, massage oil and lube (I reckon the commercial lubes have the same nasty chemicals).

You can get virgin coconut oil at major supermarkets; Tuskys, Nakumatt & Uchumi.

2. Shea Butter

This tree nut butter is as awesome as coconut oil I even call ithem cousins because they do the same job though shea butter is not that good for cooking like coconut oil, it can match up in almost all other spheres of essence.

You also need to look for virgin shea butter and nothing else, some companies add fragrance and funny business so just get some from a trusted source or healthy U stores.