God’s timing is perfect, never early, never late. You see I was starting to get bored of spirulina because of healthy U’s inconsistency of stocking the stuff, then I watched a reggae music video by one of my Fav artists who sung about this amazing superfood. You have to understand that reggae artist, especially Rastas are very conscious about their health and is there any better way to say that than sing about it? Don’t think so.

The benefits

To benefit most from this algae it is best to mix it with spring/rain water, cayenne pepper, lemon/lime juice and a little Natural Himalayan salt.

  1. Helps with detox
  2. Great for boosting energy almost isntantly
  3. Increases fat burning during exercise
  4. Anti-ageing
  5. Anti-Inflammatory
  6. Anti-cancer
  7. Protects the brain
  8. Improves eye health
  9. great source of protein and vitamin B12 for vegans
  10. Improves digestion

You can get spirulina at healthy U stores at galleria/sarit/hilton arcade/the junction and other major malls in Nairobi, Ksh 790 per 100g pouch