Ask any youth out there, what they really want in order to feel happy and 99 times out of 100 they will say money, women/men and tangible wealth. It is very sad but this is the mentality among young people, that money can buy happiness. That could not be further from the truth because there are so many “rich” people who are sad, depressed and even commit suicide so surely that cannot be it.

So, what is it that makes us want to wake up the next day? Purpose my friends. A life of purpose will guarantee you happiness, joy and fulfillment. You see everyone on this planet has a purpose, no matter how ‘little’ you might think you are, you matter and you are here for a reason.

meaning of life

Personally I believe I am the happiest person on this planet, not that it’s a competition. Everyday I feel ecstatic when I switch on my computer to share with you the secrets of being healthy, and happy in this case and that gives me the most joy I could ever imagine. Even convincing a friend on Facebook to start using coconut oil is fulfilling and being the entrepreneur I am, I know how to derive commercial value without distorting the product/service.

Don’t get it twisted, as a start up business man, I am not making any profit at all, but there is real quantum growth in terms of revenue, client base and other relevant indicators, which brings me to another point.


Most young people want to get that mansion in Karen and that Rangerover sport yesterday. But if you talk to people who have actually made that success, they will always tell you that it did not happen overnight. The Rags-to-Riches mentality is destructive and will make you prioritize short term goals and leave the long term ones hanging. Case in point, Jan Koum, the founder of Whatsapp. People just look at a 7 Billion dollar-worth man and not the struggling family that had to leave their ancestral home because of Hitler’s hatred of jews. Their story of how they had to survive on disability allowance will never hit the headlines. People will not want to hear how he got rejected by Facebook and Google several times before they actually decided to buy the app for USD 19 billion, that is only what will make the news, 19 billion. In essence, it took him almost 20 years to get where he is now. lesson; Patience and perseverance is really the path of getting what you want which is in and of itself, the ultimate source of happiness. Namaste.