Last night I had an epiphany. In my quest for more inner peace and calm I started reading more on meditation, specifically the chakras. Yes I have read about this stuff before but I had never inculcated it into my yoga and meditation practises but after watching the most simplest explanation there ever could be of the chakras and how to open them, then I fully embraced it and I am already seeing positive results like improved sleep and a more positive attitude towards life, not that I had a negative attitude its’ just that somethings were bothering me but after one the final chakra of letting go came into fruition, I can confidently say that I am in tune with my higher self.

The above cartoon obviously simplified it to fit the children audience but on the real, I think that this is the best explanation of this complex system of energy, which is very simple when understood of course.

First of all, what is chakra? In Sankrit, a chakra is basically an enerygy system and it is held that we have 7 distinct chakras and in this post I will break it down for you what I learnt in the video and how I started this journey.

1. Root Chakra

Representative of our foundation and key to being grounded.

This pool of energy is located at the base of your spine. It is usually associated with survival and is blocked by fear. Seating cross-legged and meditating on your fears, breathing in very deeply and just let them flow with your out-breath.

Doing the bridge pose also helps to physically open up your spine and hence root chakra.

2. Water Chakra

Deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt and shame. Think deeply about the things that you feel shameful about and accept your wrongdoings. Forgive yourself, accept change and move on with becoming a positive influence to the world. Continue meditating or better yet get into a yoga cobra pose to get in tune with this chakra.

3. Fire Chakra

Associated with your willpower, confidence and self esteem. While still seated in a cross-legged pose, think aboutyoga boat pose what your disappointments are and maybe ‘failures’. Accept and love yourself for who you are. Self love is the vital ingredient to becoming more confident and having more belief in self.

A boat pose is great for this area and it also works your abs for a flatter belly, how is that for self esteem?

Dancing also helps with this chakra especially dances that affect the hip bones and pelvis, so shake that moneymaker lol

camel pose4. Heart Chakra

As it suggests, this chakra is located in the heart and is linked to happiness, love, emotions, inner peace and joy. This energy is blocked by grief especially the loss of a loved one. While still meditating, lay out all the grief in front of you. Bikram yoga is suggested for this but if you are a home yogi like me, a camel pose might be the perfect suit.

we all know that love is an energy that is all around us, even though they have left us, that energy they had for us is still here with us and is born in the form of new love. Let the pain flow, it is ok to get emotional here. I shed a pool of tears on meditating about my brother who died a few years ago but his spirit lives on.

5. Sound Chakra

Focusses on the truth and the energy is blocked by lies we tell ourselves. Release all the denials you might have and embrace the reality.

A shoulder stand is great for this chakra

6. Third Eye Chakra

As you’ve heard it before in HipHop, open up your thrid eye!! This energy deals with your intuition, imagination, intelligence and problem-solving. The greatest illusion we have is the illusion of separation. Scientifically proven, we are all made up of the same particles as the farthest star we can see, meaning we are all one.

This energy can be unlocked physically by doing a child pose and collective consciousness meditation, simply thinking ho we are one.

7.  Crown Chakra

Deals with our spiritual connection, inner & outer beauty and pure bliss. It is the most challenging chakra because it is about letting go of all your earthly attachments. Be it love, money, luxury, you should be able to meditate and be ok with the thought of not having them in your life. This is the epitome of consciousness. Learnt to give without expecting anything back, pray more, love more (yorself and others), exercise (mostly cardio) and most important, DO NOT STOP MEDITATING. Namaste

meditating in the forest