I do not exaggerate, my skin is awesome, I mean, just look at my gravatar or latest pictures online, Na siringi…This article today will let you know what I do different to get great, moist skin without working too hard or using anything that you cannot pronounce (try to read out loud the fine print ingredients lists on your favorite lotion).

1. Detox

First it begins with detox. I used to use a little bit of lotion and I am sure you ladies have a handful of chemicals your apply each day. If you want great skin, you have to reduce this, if not quit them all together. This might sound radical but if you read more on the dangers of cosmetics you might think twice. Trust me, you will look better and be healthier using a natural approach, because to be honest I have never met a person with great skin and uses harsh cosmetics, there is no other way my friends.

After that you need to detox your body. My favorite is spirulina + cayenne + Himalayan salt + fresh lemon/lime juice and warm water first thing in the morning. You can also omit the spirulina and it will still help flush out toxins.

Exercise is also a great way to remove unwanted material from the body and most of it gets out through your skin making it look younger and better.

Drinking legitimate spring water or filtered rain water , around 2 litres a day is also an easy way to detox.

Juicing too; beetroot, apples, carrots, cucumbers, watermelon all have detox qualities among other health benefits that will ultimately work in your favor with regards to skin improvement.

2. Lipids

Now what next? you ask? Virgin Coconut oil, my first choice of oil for skin which works well with any type of skin and skin disease or infection, even acne. The best edible lip balm you will find because the taste is nice.

Right now there is a shortage of coconut oil in the market though so the next option is extra virgin olive oil, My preferred brand being Olivia. If you take baths you can infuse the oil in the hot water just before washing, which you can boil with some rosemary to even improve the skin.

Pure virgin Shea butter is also great, available at healthy U stores and other health stores are starting to stock this butter which is great for skin and hair as well.

3. Food

You are what you eat and if you eat crap, you will feel like crap and have crappy skin. I don’t make a big fuss over this, I just try to eat as closest to nature as possible. That means no soda, no refined flours and sugars, nothing from a box/packet, most food from a local grocer.

Caffeine is a skin wrecker, that means you have to limit your coffee intake, tea and of course soda. Drink water, ( I cannot over-emphasize on this, in fact plenty of water will also help you lost that pot belly, how about that?), green tea, fresh juices and wine if you are into alcohol.

Snack on fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, lower your gluten intake. A blog fan told me she cured her acne by simply going gluten-free. I am not saying you quit chapati, just reduce a little by little.

4. Soap

Most commercial soaps are made from petroleum waste products which is clearly not meant for human skin. They are then perfumed and colored with toxic chemicals which go directly into your blood stream via your skin so it’s quit a big deal. I use aloe vera and a natural scrub which also works wonders for my skin.

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aloe vera soap and natural body scrub