The last one year I have learnt a lot with regards to the mind-body connection, simply because my instinct told me that it cannot be just about eating vegetables and then you are good. As a matter of fact the cold hard evidence has shown that about 85% – 90% of diseases is caused by stress, which then subsequently makes us miserable and lazy. When you are miserable and lazy, you won’t feel like cooking or eating something healthy, you will most probably reach for those fries, right?

There are many ways to naturally lower stress, like reading, exercise, having sex, having your version of fun but this blog post will focus on music, smooth jazz music to be exact; Just because it is my favorite genre of music and I have seen it help many people relax and de-stress.

First of all you have to know that not any kind of music is helpful, in fact in a study, plants that were exposed to jazz music grew better and those exposed to hardcore rock music died very fast. (watched it on this documentary abut intelligence of plants, cool stuff).

Total Bliss

jazzy trans

My favorite time to jazz about is obviously in the evening, just when I arrive back from my evening stroll, have a hot shower, eat delicious healthy food and then just cool off on my balcony while watching the stars.

Not saying that you should smoke weed, not saying that you should n’t either hahaha but it is one great and healthy way to relax.

Back to the jazz, now there are many ailments directly linked to stress (high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, migraines, headaches, Gastrointestinal problems) and they can be easily improved by listening to my fav jazz artist, Brian Culbertson – as well as eating a more natural balanced diet. Listen to this 90 minute mix and tell me if it does not help you to relax, I dare you