As the word suggests, virginity of an oil refers to the way of processing the oil has undergone but since there is ideally no international standards of labeling oils, you might find some dubious oil and products purpoting to be healthy but they just want to mislead the people cognizant of the fact that a global health revolution is in the works.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the healthiest type of olive oil and anything that does not say these words is not good for you. I have noticed that there are even hair products that say organic olive oil but when you read the label it is anything but organic.

SAM_0359When it comes to olives, extra virgin means the fruits have been cold-pressed to mechanically extract the oil. Anything less is uncivilized; virgin olive oil is not even good, make sure it says extra virgin cold-pressed. Personally I prefer the Olivia brand from Spain and also De Cecco which is Italian.


A tip on cooking with olive oil is to pair it with butter to avoid that olive taste that might not be very appealing to the Kenyan palette. I use this to cook almost everything even baking, kinda tastes like butter in my cookies 🙂

Virgin Coconut Oil

Now this is where it might get tricky. With coconut oil, there is not really a standard called extra virgin, but, the virgin coconut is also cold-pressed and no heat is used hence all nutrients and enzymes in the precious oil stay intact.

virgin coconut oil


This is the brand I mostly buy from Nakumatt but right now there is a shortage of this superfood, probably due to the weather but most of the time you can get virgin coconut at tuskys and uchumi as well.

I also use it in cooking almost everything. I also pair it with butter to tone down the coconutty flavor which might overpower. Butter also helps thing brown much faster and adds so much flavor especially to my kale.

Unrefined Cold-Pressed Peanut Oil

I use this oil for high heat frying due to it’s high smoke point though it’s price might not render it that good for deep frying; think chapati, eggs or worst case scenario, shallow fry << unrefined peanut oil is best suited for this.

cold pressed peanut oil