Modern grade chickens have made kienyeji (free-range) look bad. That is because they have been basically designed to be bigger and cook faster while being juicier, than the free range counterpart, cooked in the same conditions. One thing you cannot make in the lab is real flavor and that is why there is a somewhat resurgence of kienyeji chicken…you will find most restaurants and hotels worth their salt flaunting their kienyeji chicken dishes on their menu.

Reason To Season

Many people think that healthy food should not have salt nor cooking oil and they are correct, for most of the part but where they will be wrong is flavor-wise, there is a reason why we say, add salt to taste because salt brings out the flavor of food even sweet baked goods like pastries are added some salt to accentuate the flavor. What you need to know is that normal table salt is highly refined and is added anti-clamping chemicals on top of that it is bleached to make it super white in color ending up with a toxic seasoning substance.

So today you will learn one simple and age old technique of ensuring moist and tender chicken which is very simple and starts by seasoning the chicken pieces overnight with, Himalayan salt (which is unprocessed and additive-free and contains 84 minerals; magnesium, calcium and all), black pepper, cayenne pepper. When the ingredient is so good, there is no point of doing too much to it.

The seasonings will permeate the meat slowly giving it flavor deep inside the bone and also will make it juicier.

As for the oil part, most oils and fats in the supermarket are made industrially hence not good for you, when you cook food with real unprocessed organic oils like coconut oil, olive oil, peanut oil you improve the taste and also some nutrients in food are fat-soluble hence they need the natural oils and fats to carry them into our system.

As for butter, this is also a naturally-existing fat which bears all the flavor and also it helps emulsify the stock making it thicker. Plus, we are not eating the butter, it is like >5% of the food and nutrition we will eat today, so I am not concerned about a little butter.

Chicken Stock (You can skip making the stock and just use water, will still taste nice)

NB; If you opt to use water, start with searing the chicken pieces, then browning the garlic, cherry tomatoes and so on, then add the chicken later

  • Add some water and some of the unwanted bony parts of the chicken, on medium heat: feet, neck, spine.
  • Add (mirepoix) garlic, ginger, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, celery, leeks and potato.
  • Add spices like curry powder and cumin. Bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer for at least 30 minutes, ideally 1 hour while covered

To Cook The Chicken

  • Add a little coconut oil and butter then sear/brown the chicken part, 4 minutes on each side, medium-low heat or until golden brown in color, no color no flavor. Set the meat aside.
  • Sweat your crushed garlic, crushed ginger, chopped dania stalks, tomato, red onion, fresh chili, green bell pepper (hoho)…about 7 minutes on low heat.
  • Deglaze with the stock, bring to boil and simmer slow for 1 hour while covered.
  • Serve with mukimo and sauteed kale

organic free range chicken dish