If you ever needed inspiration to start juicing or start using that dusty juice extractor in your kitchen then this is the movie to watch. As the title suggests, Joe Cross was overweight, unhealthy and he felt that his time on this beautiful planet might not be that much, lest he did something.

Like most people in ‘modern’ times, Joe was raised on junk food and soda…burgers, pizzas, cakes, ice ream were the bedrock of his diets which made him obese and he was on medication for over 8 years for a skin condition called chronic urticaria (hives).

So he embarked on a healthy journey to get back into shape. He decided to fast for 60 days, drinking nothing but fresh vegetable and fruit juice. Easy peasy, by the 60th day, he had lost all excess weight and was under no medication.

But while on the journey, he met this other unhealthy fella, Phil Staples, who also had the same chronic condition and was willing to change his lifestyle. Like Joe did, he fasted for 60 days and lost a huge amount of excess weight and was also off the medication in less than.

Long story short, they both are now super healthy and strongly evangelizing on the health benefits of juicing.

Why Juice?

Simple, you will consume more nutrients per serving which are very easily digestible by your body. Yes we need fiber (pulp) but not as much we need the life-giving nutrients in kale, cucumbers, celery, ginger, carrots and apples which is the signature juice of the movie, called the mean green.

Thanks to the movie I have upped the ante on my juicing front where I drink freshly extracted juice every morning. I hope this film inspires you to juice more 🙂