It is very sad that we live in a employee-minded mentality. Many people often tell me to get a job in a big hotel or a fancy restaurant, why don’t you go work at the Hilton or Tribe and earn Ksh 100k+? Sigh. I always tell them that I am infopreneur, of course they have never heard the term, not in the dictionary yet and that is what I am about, always being ahead of the curve.

If we are to create more jobs in this nation, we need a paradigm shift in thinking, naomba-serikali mentality will not create new wealth, only entrepreneurs and innovation will create new jobs, the government can only facilitate that by creating an enabling environment for enterprise.

Yes I sell information, I’d rather teach a man/woman to fish (and cook the fish without deep-frying 😉 ) than feed him fish. Not only is this approach helping me fulfill my purpose but it is also very comfortable to work with (I work mostly from home) and lucrative in the long-term (already experiencing exponential growth), like any other sustainable business.

Being your own boss can never be taught in the current ‘factory school’ system, just like factory farming is unsustainable and ends up with a half baked product, so do most of our educational systems and I will explain with my personal experience.

8-4-4 = 0

First of all you must note that I am not saying we stop sending kids to school, If I have kids in the future, I would definitely send them to school, preferably an International school given that we now live in a global village, the world is one big economy.

That said, I would also use homeschooling as a vital tool to instill knowledge and wisdom in my kids. The first subject would of course be health and maybe merge it with organic agriculture, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, exercise. This can happen on your backyard garden or huge farm in up-country.

I remember growing up as a kid we used to grow eggplants, kale, spinach, carrots and we had fruit trees, Loquat loquat fruit(we used to pronounce them “lugguards”) and guava. Neighbors used to have strawberries, blackberries, mango, avocado and many other. Play was climbing the trees and consuming organic fruit. Nowadays play for kids is soccer on a video game and the pizza is just a phone call away, and you wonder why he’/she is sick all the time and cannot pass exams, brain is starving for nutrition.

I would teach them the basic principles of business and investing that they will never learn in business school, I mean, how does a lecturer earning Ksh 150 – 200k max know about making big money, that is pocket change to business gurus like Kirubi or James Mwangi of Equity, or better yet an SME guru like Gerald Wamalwa of Mellech engineering, just saying.

I did try business school at the Catholic University and I thought it was a waste of money at the very least. First of all, I never set eyes on a professor, no doctorate just lectures with masters degrees mostly from the same BS institution. Just ask yourself, how are they going to teach you to trade at the NSE while they don’t even own Safaricom shares which everyone has LOL. How can an employee who has never started a business teach you a course on entrepreneurship?

I got my business acumen spending hours in the library reading the business daily and watching CNBC Africa religiously, First in Business, Worldwide 🙂 Too bad it stopped being free-to-air. In fact I learnt about CNBC Africa as my dad was driving my to first day of orientation in campus.

I also learnt on the job, used to sell lollipops and biscuits in high school, a natural born entrepreneur this one.

Writing Notes Has To Stop

I recall day on in campus, I was very enthusiastic, knowing that I am going to a lecture, not class but boy was I surprised. In fact I arrived late with no books, knowing that a lecture means basically talking and listening but I found people hastily taking down notes which the teacher was hurriedly dictating, despite the fact that commercial printer were invested in the 1950s, before independence but ALL THE 8000+ STUDENTS in the university are writing notes which are being read out loud in a class inside a lecture hall. Just imagine how much time would be saved if all the notes were printed and sent to each student’s phone/laptop or whatever, then class time would be used to explain and expound on the material? Is it only me?

Self Taught Chef

As most of you already know, I have never set foot in a cooking school, at least no in a traditional way but I do go to internet culinary school :-). I am blessed to be exposed to computers from an early age and so I started learning stuff online from way back in the day, one of the things I learnt was cooking like a pro. I was already mentored by a chef in my hood, Sammy but the internet gave me direction, health direction to be exact because there is no culinary school in the world that uses virgin coconut oil, spirulina, quinoa, buckwheat you see where I am going. Point is I learnt all these stuff on the internet. And I am still learning tonnes everyday, online or on TV, cooking shows like Iron Chef, Anything Gordon Ramsay makes I watch hehe, websites, blogs, social media and what is important is that I learn what I want, I am in control.

I am now super healthy because of the self education and my clients are also benefiting from all this information as well as you the reader, have a blessed day.