You would easily assume I eat salad all day haha actually I do not like salads at all. If you enjoy eating raw vegetables the please rock on. Consuming raw vegetation is critical to good health, but like most Kenyans, I was not raised on a Nicoise and I only learned about Caeser Salad on the internet. So, this post is to show you why I don’t like salads and also to show you how I manage to get vegetables into my body, both raw and cooked.

How do you call this dinner?
How do you call this dinner?

1. Taste

I don’t care what you tell me, salad can never taste great and amazing. But it can compliment a steak and make a great and amazing dish. For instance kachumbari (technically a salad) and nyama choma marry so well, but try eating kachumbari for lunch today, I dare you!

And the salads that actually taste nice will often contain unhealthy ingredients hidden in the dressing. Stuff like mayonnaise, rancid oils (oils that are processed and refined), table salt, sugar/commercial honey, soy sauce and other funny ingredients.

2. Nutrition

Most farmed foods have less nutrition than they did originally in the wild due to excessive hybridization, use of toxic chemical pesticides and poor soils. This means you must eat more veggies plus you also have to use food-based supplements like Moringa leaf powder, spirulina, organic cayenne pepper.

Lettuce being the mostly used veg in salads does not bring plenty of nutrition especially when compared to kale, which is almost impossible to eat raw but tastes amazing when sauteed along with some onions for natural sweetness.

3. Not A Complete Meal

No matter how many nuts you put in the salad, the stuff will just not fill you up properly, especially if you work out and live an active physical life, which is vital to healthy living. We are used to eating something heavy but not to much, something like ugali and beef with spinach, not spinach salad ,which won’t give you the energy you need because veggies are just not dense, calorific-wise.

Juice The Veggies

To get raw veggies into my system I always juice them up, which is scientifically proven to be the best way to get these vital veggie nutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants. I also make smoothies to make sure I get some fiber too but most I juice.

I always go for kale because it is almost grown wildly in my hood meaning it is organic, nutrient dense and super fresh. Terere and managu are also great because they are wild and hence contained more nutrients than farmed vegetables. To make them tastier I add some fruit: pineapples, watermelons, bananas (in smoothies), avocado, berries and pears when in season.

Beetroot is regarded a superfood by many and rightly so because it is superb in detox and energy-boosting as well as other many health benefits. It goes well with carrot juice only or you can throw a little bit of green apples.