Since I embraced a partially raw diet, smoothies have become my everyday breakfast because they just give you that shot of nutrition you need to wake up the entire body’s functions. After many trials and errors, I finally came up with a technique to make sure I get delicious, nutritious and balanced smoothies using locally available ingredients.

First is water, fresh coconut water is the best here though you still need to add a little spring water to help dissolving of the stuff (almost half the size of the blender filled with liquid). I usually use engare brand but sometimes I go for aquamist, keringet or boiled rain water. You can use your normal boiled water worst case scenario.

Second is the vegetable. I nowadays love fresh beetroot because it is simply a superfood with tonnes of nutrition and is also nutrient dense. Sometimes I go for kale (sukuma wiki), which is another nutrient dense leafy green or if I feel like it, I go for beets and kales in the same smoothie but one is usually enough.

Third is the protein. I prefer soaking 2 table spoons of chia seeds in the spring/coconut water so that it forms a gel which makes it digestible and easy to consume. I also like soaked sesame seeds, almonds or walnuts.

To sweeten the smoothie naturally I use a slice of pineapple, a banana and an apple, mostly green. On top of that I use pitted dates which are loaded with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Then I add a tea spoon of cayenne pepper and start blending but sometimes I add a little flavor with fresh herbs like basil and mint.

A couple of ice cubes will help keep the smoothie cool but if you like it in the morning you can leave them out and enjoy a luke-warm smoothie.

By now, the blender is almost 3/4 full so we can start blending on high speed for 3 minutes to make it really smooth. Enjoy.